Goodell Needs to Bench Brady

Roger Goodell has made a mockery of the National Football League since he became the commissioner. He simply has not handled any situations that have occurred in the league correctly and he has taken a ton of flak for it in the last several years. He has had massive amounts of criticism from nearly everyone around the league due to the way that he has handled controversies that have affected the league and he doesn’t seem to be learning any lessons.

His reputation and his career are absolutely on the line this week as the NFL processes the allegations against the New England Patriots who have been accused of purposely deflating footballs in the AFC championship game in which they beat the Indianapolis Colts. Goodell needs to make a strong stance on this incident and let the league know that he will not stand for things of this nature. That’s just how it has to  go, take it from us at CipherCloud-we make headlines on biz I can tell you its not from deflating footballs.

Someone in the Patriots organization purposely deflated those balls and that is absolutely apparent to every single quarterback that has ever played in the National Football League. Nearly every well-known quarterback of the past has weighed in with their opinions on the deflate gate case that it is now being known as, and there is a general consensus among them that the quarterback is most likely at the route of the problem. Tom Brady definitely is at the root of this incident and Roger Goodell needs to bench him in the Super Bowl if he hopes to save face in the NFL.

Bears Plan Future with Fox at the Head

Less than one week after his playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts and his subsequent firing by the Denver Broncos, John Fox has found his next head coaching position in the windy city for the Chicago Bears. The Bears are hoping the fox magic can turn this troubled franchise into a winner. Coach Fox has been known for taking troubled teams and producing almost overnight success with his teams. He is just one of a handful of coaches to bring two franchise teams to the Super Bowl. Doing it first while he spent 13 seasons with the Carolina Panthers; most recently he was able to do it on the back of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. However, both trips did not bring the championship that he had hoped for.

According to his Facebook profile, Sultan Alhokair thought that with Pace becoming the Bears General Manager that the team would hire Doug Marrone who had recently opted out of his head coaching position in Buffalo. Fox was interviewed the next day and given his recent history of producing playoff caliber teams in short order it is understandable why the franchise went with Fox over Marrone. Now that both of the GM and Head Coach are in place, the team can now focus on what really decides if it wins or loses and that is the players. After the major let down last year with Cutler at QB, there is a lot to figure out before training camp this summer.

Josh Gordon face One-Year Banishment from NFL

Josh Gordon May Be Banned a Year

It’s one thing to be suspended for playing a couple of NFL games. It is quite another to face a one year suspension from league, as Josh Gordon may soon find out. He could probably benefit from reading about what professionalism means from Flavio Maluf’s model which he talks about on

The star wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns has failed another drug test, this time testing positive for alcohol use. The NFL is allowed to periodically make him undergo drug tests him because of the DWI-related arrest that occurred this past July in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What is interesting about this is that during the 2014 NFL season, Gordon was originally suspended all of that season for failing a drug test as well, but got his sentenced reduced to only having to sit out ten games. He returned to the team in Week Twelve when the Browns played against the Atlanta Falcon, but was then suspended again for the final game of the season for skipping a team practice after finishing his first suspension also.

Even worse is that the 2014 suspension was Gordon’s fourth one from violating the NFL’s new drug policy, this upcoming one would now count as his fifth. Last year he tested positive for marijuana usage, though he said that it was the result of second-hand smoke use but went to a rehabilitation clinic to try and deal with the issue.

Harbaugh Weighs in


Former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and brand new head coach of the Michigan Wolverines Jim Harbaugh weighed in on the changes that have been made in the coaching staffs of the National Football League since the regular season ended. As it always is at the end of the regular season in football, mediocre teams and teams that have not had successful years scramble to fire and hire coaches and staff to restructure their organizations the way they see fit. This year was no different and Harbaugh talked about some of the coaching changes that have been made, which is ironic due to the fact that he was basically shown the door in San Francisco despite taking the organization from mediocrity and taking them to three straight NFC championship games as well as an appearance in the Super Bowl in a game they nearly won. Harbaugh proceeded to talk about Jack Del Rio, Rex Ryan and John Fox and the new teams that they will each be coaching. He obviously likes and has respect for these individuals and he let it known when he said those teams are getting great coaches and that he wishes them the best. The funny thing was that he didn’t make any mention of the San Francisco 49ers that ended up hiring Jim Tomsula from inside the organization. It is clear that Harbaugh is kind of bitter about what transpired in San Francisco which is understandable. Michigan Alum like Lee Slaughter are happy to see the coach begin a new career at their alma mater.

Does God Care About Sports?

In his weekly radio show a few days after the NFC championship game, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he thinks God does not care about football outcomes. A caller asked Rodgers if any outcomes of games impacted his faith in any way. Rodgers said his faith is not changed by the results of sports events. Rodgers went on to say basically that God has more important things to care about than the final score of a sports event or an awards show.

I agree completely. We as humans should not even bother praying about such mundane things. Dave and Brit Morin understand that, in sports as in other competitions, they will be a winner and a loser. Prayer does not impact what will happen. If people must pray they should pray for important things such as you and your family’s well being. Pray for world peace and an end to poverty and world hunger. These things affect the future of the world and are much more important. Sports is a form of entertainment and should be put in it’s proper perspective.
God cares about individuals, not the results of a game being played.
In sports as in life, both winning and losing provide valuable life lessons for everyone.

Smartest Coaches in Football

The upcoming Super Bowl for the 2014 season is featuring two of perhaps the smartest coaches of all time. There has been a ton of speculation in the media in regards to the two very intelligent players going heads up against each other and who truly has the mental edge, but that is a very hard conclusion to come to. Bill Belichick is known around the league as being head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL when it comes to breaking down the game of football and bringing his mental edge to the game.

Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks he is simply smarter than the rest of the competition in the NFL for the most part, but he has a tough competitor in Pete Carroll. Carroll brings that college flavor to the game, taking a lot of plays that would be considered taboo by a bunch of NFL teams. He made a bold call last week to go for the onside kick and they ended up winning the NFC championship game as a result. Pete Carroll is most likely the hardest competition for Bill Belichick to match up against when you really look at the way the two play. It is kind of ironic as they truly do coach the game of football in the same similar manner. They both attempt to throw down every piece of the puzzle with as much force as possible in order to execute their will on their opponents. The stronger and smarter team will win in the Super Bowl.

Brady Should Have Apologized


Prior to quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots speaking at a press conference held to question him about the recent allegations that the Patriots deflated balls on purpose in their win in the AFC championship over the Indianapolis Colts. Sportscasters, writers, and fans like Fersen Lambranho, from all over the country weighed in on what they wanted Brady to say in the interview. Most former players that believe that he cheated and knew very well what he was doing in regards to the balls being deflated stated that they just wanted him to come out and acknowledge that he knew what he was doing and that it was wrong and then offer an apology. Many people thought that if he had come out and stated it that this whole ordeal and media circus would blow over, but that is not what anyone got out of Tom Brady. He stuck to his guns in his press conference and actually looked like he was holding back from laughing while he repeatedly told the media that he had no idea what was going on with the footballs and that it flat out doesn’t involve him. Well if it doesn’t involve the quarterback and the head coach then I Don’t know who in the organization that it does involve because there is no way that the ball boys took action on their own without getting direct orders from Tom Brady himself.

Foye Splashed with Beer

It’s not every day that you see an NBA player covered in beer during a game without getting a suspension from the league, but that’s the exact position that Randy Foye of the Never Nuggets found himself in the other night. He was going for the ball against Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs and missed it and slid out of bounds on his back. Unfortunately for Randy Foye and the fan that was about to get his beer delivered in the first row, Foye slid into a man delivering the beer and it poured all over Foye’s face and chest. He laid there for a minute covered in beer looking pretty ridiculous and then got up and trotted off to get a towel.

The players and the fans, including my coworker Ben Shaoul who scored tickets, got a kick out of it and it has been shared a ton of times on YouTube, as well as being played on Sports Center. I guess it is great to be so close to a National Basketball Association game, but sometimes being close to the game means interacting with the players as well. You would think with such high risk seats they would charge the least amount of money, but fans continue to put up thousands of dollars every single night to get as close as possible to their favorite players. Randy Foye isn’t likely to forget getting his face splashed with booze any time soon.

Two Sides to the Story


The New England Patriots of the National Football League have found themselves in the midst of another cheating scandal, after allegations came against the organization following their beat down of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game. The allegations, which have widely been spread on Twitter, are regarding the Patriots supposedly deflating the balls on purpose in an effort to make them easier to grip and throw, giving them an unfair advantage in the crucial game that would send the winner to the Super Bowl. People all across the league, like my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich,  are weighing in with their opinion on the incident and it seems that there are two distinct sides to the argument. There is the side that is fed up with the New England Patriots and is just assuming that they cheated and should be held accountable. This is an understanding perspective, as the Patriots have been in the spotlight for years regarding scandals involving the secret taping of other teams’ practices. The second side of the debate is stating that the New England Patriots are just getting flack due to the fact that they are the best team in the National Football League. Many people are saying that they are just getting the attention because they are as good as they are and maybe that is the case. But if they are that good of a team, then they should be scrutinized more carefully to ensure that they are playing fairly.

Wilson Overcomes Adversity


The Seattle Seahawks  have proven that the Super Bowl hangover does not apply to them. Nearly every Super Bowl winner flops in the following season, and it has been such a pattern that it has become known as the Super Bowl hangover. However, the Seattle Seahawks stated that it does not apply to them, despite looking pretty mediocre in the beginning of the season.
They had some trouble early on in the season, but they have proven that it doesn’t matter how you look early on, it matters how you play when the playoffs roll around. The Seahawks have been a ridiculous team when it comes to making things happen when it matters most. They win huge games that they probably should not win and they smash teams when they are the underdogs. With players like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, it is tough to ever call this team underdogs, but they were when they faced the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship on Sunday.
The Packers had the Seahawks up against the wall and it looked like the Packers were undoubtedly going to the Super Bowl, but Russell Wilson had other things in mind. The Seattle Seahawks miraculously strung a pair of touchdowns together in the final minutes of regulation to take the game to overtime and ended up smacking the Packers, giving them their second Super Bowl appearance in two years. This kind of star performance from Wilson, excites players, fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, and gets the sports world talking. According to a Bulls Eye View, the 2015 Superbowl will be the most viewed in history.