Aaron Hernandez found guilty of first-degree murder

This morning the jury for the Aaron Hernandez murder trail came to a final verdict after 36 hours spread over the course of seven days. They actually rose the murder to the first degree based on his acting of extreme atrocity and cruelty. As you know murder in the first degree in automatic life in federal prison without the chance of parole. The 25 year old NFL super star stood stern but with some concern, almost caught off guard. His mother and fiance wept in the background as he mouthed the words “its OK, stay strong” to them trying to comfort them from afar. While on the other side of the court room, the family of Lloyd wept with tears of rejoice and relief that justice may prevail against the brutal murder of their son. The family released a statement along the lines of saying that they forgive the hands of the person who took the life of their son and hope that the rest of the world one day may be able to do the same.
Hernandez will spend the rest of his days in the Massachusetts correctional institution-cedar junction (near Gillette Stadium and Boraie Development) and never again will this former draft pick play another down of professional football. He gave up a 40 million dollar contract to be a street gangster/thug. But the pain is not over yet for Aaron, he still has to answer to double-murder charges for possibly being a gunman in a shooting in 2012. This man’s once glorious lifestyle, now doesn’t look so bright anymore.
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Dallas Gets Ready for a Productive Draft

The Dallas Cowboys are poised to strike this year in their bid to push through to the Super Bowl. After a productive off season, the Cowboys are preparing for the NFL Draft which is scheduled for April 30th and are in a prime position with a late first round draft pick that they can trade down for two or more draft picks and additional cap space for an anticipated landing of super start running back Adrian Peterson.  I will be drinking my Bulletproof Coffee in preparation and anticipation for the draft! The Cowboys could be licking their hurt feelings after losing start running back DeMarco Murray to the rival Philadelphia Eagles but the Cowboys, limited by cap space, calculated that Murray could be replaced with an early round draft pick for a fraction of the cost as well as a more reliable ball carrier. As great as Murray was last season he did fumble in crucial times during games. His fumble in what many considered a go a head scoring drive in the NFL divisional game against the Green Bay Packers was the turning point in the game and ended Dallas’s season with a loss. Dallas Prepares for Draft

Dallas picked up a ferocious pass rusher in Greg Hardy in the off season and can now focus on critical needs such as corner back, defensive line and running back. By trading their 27th overall pick they could acquire three second round picks or two picks in both the second and third rounds.

Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston the Great Unknown

This year’s NFL draft offers the same excitement and brings to the forefront the same speculations that each year before has offered. None more captivating than the speculation of whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take either Marcus Mariota from Oregon or Jameis Winston from Florida State. Both are excellent quarterbacks and have done an exemplary job during their college career each winners of the coveted Heisman. Several draft experts have predicted that Jameis Winston will be the natural pick for Tampa Bay but there is a much better case for Marcus Mariota as the following illustrates.

During the combine the stats for Jameis Winston were not impressive, in fact his 40 was 4.97 where Mariotas was 4.52 which is basically in line with your average corner back. In addition Winston has a tendency to throw in situations that offer a higher percentage of interceptions which are illustrated by his eighteen picks in his last year at Florida State. Finally there are his off field issues that show a total disregard for authority as well as any respect for his teammates. Between the rape charges which are still a bit foggy even though he was not charged and the several other off field incidents it is clear that Winston is a gamble at best when it comes to his integrity.

Mariota on the other hand offers a clean slate off the field and takes care of the ball as can be seen by his three pick stat for his last season. He has been compared to Aaron Rodgers  and that is most assuredly the type of quarterback Lovie Smith wants.

According to Kevin Seawright, the off field antics as well as his poor showing at the combine make Jameis Winston a gamble that GM Jason Licht and the Tampa Bay franchise can ill afford.

Football Player Tyrone Mings Pays Off His Mother’s Debts

A grateful mother has made headlines, when she thanked her son Tyrone Mings for his overwhelming generosity when he recently gave her enough money to pay off all of her debts. Tyrone Mings has become known for his overwhelming generosity and kind heart. This talented football player was discovered after just one hour of playing football with a Chippenham town team, and he has been making headlines in sports news ever since. When his squad number changed, he was so concerned about his fans, that he advertised on Twitter that he would pay for new shirts with his new squad number on them for anyone who couldn’t afford to buy them.


Tyrone has done many acts of kindness, including helping feed the homeless and buying tickets for a poor fan who couldn’t afford them. Paul Mathieson is blown away by his generosity. He is being called a hero and a good role model for kids, by many who are happy to see him succeed. It is believed that this young man is on his way to doing great things.

Dallas Cowboys Poised to Make Big Splash on Draft Day

The Dallas Cowboys did themselves well some may surmise this off season. Despite losing star running back Demarco Murray to the rival Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys were able to keep Dez Bryant and Rolando McClain. They also signed star defensive end Greg Hardy and were able to negotiate Tony Romo’s contract to free up $13 Million in cap space. Dallas Cowboy’s Off Season Plans Set Up for Monster Run at 2016 Super Bowl

The freed up cap space enables Dallas to go after a major free agent in addition to its anticipated draft choices said Marcio Alaor BMG. Some speculate that Dallas is seriously in play for Adrian Peterson but many do not see the Minnesota Vikings giving Peterson up with out expensive compensation. Peterson, for his part, is not making the Viking’s job easier by indicating that he rather play elsewhere. The Vikings would be very cautious with a deal with Dallas as they are still snake bit from the lob sided benefits Dallas gained from the Hershel Walker trade which created the blueprint for Dallas’s Super Bowl runs in the 1990’s.

Often blasted owner and general manger Jerry Jones may be engaging on his most masterful of season yet i structuring his team. For once, Jones has shown patience in assembling the pieces needed to make his team dominant again. Regardless of whether the peterson trade takes place, the Cowboys will have the freedom to choose truly the best players available in the upcoming draft.

Adrian Peterson to meet with NFL to Discuss Playing Status This Week

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, is set to meet with NFL officials on Tuesday to discuss his playing status, and whether or not there will be ongoing punishment for his 2014 arrest for child abuse, according to sources. Peterson was suspended early in the 2014 season after he was arrested on criminal child abuse charges under the leagues personal conduct policy. His suspension was set to expire on April 15th, but there has been no word on whether Peterson’s punishment will be extended. He originally appealed the decision.

According to therealdeal.com, Peterson is clearly interested in ending the suspension and moving on with his career, mostly because he’s expressed interest in playing elsewhere. Peterson has been vocal about his desire to leave Minnesota and join a new team, however, the Vikings are less keen on allowing that to happen. As it stands, Peterson is currently locked into a contact that doesn’t expire for three years. He is set to collect almost $13 million over the course of that contract.

Peterson’s distaste for the Vikings administration seems to stem from the child abuse charges and how the team and the NFL originally handled the issue. His criminal charges came in the wake of several high profile legal battles for NFL players. The abuse chargers were filed shortly after Ray Rice was arrested on domestic violence charges, and in the wake of Aaron Hernandez murder arrested.

Romo Deal Needs Restructure if Dallas to Survive

With four years remaining on his current contract the Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is set to make a substantial amount of money to play his last productive years in the league. Just how many of those years he will be playing remains to be seen for the 35 year old. He career has been plagued with fantastic regular seasons that fall short in the end and him usually suffering a debilitating injury at some point in the season. His best shot at making the Super Bowl was probably last year. Although he did not have to throw the ball for some astronomical yardage number he did have his highest QB rating of all time at 113.2. Most of that success is because the team could lean heavily on the running game Alexei Beltyukov feels.

To get the team over the playoff hurdle that stopped them last year, they will need to put more money on the table for better defensive players. The best place for doing that will come from Romo’s contract. This year he is scheduled to be a nearly $32 million hit against the cap and it decreases over the next few years. Reasonably the team expects production from their QB through at least 2017, after that the cap hits are manageable. The team will likely increase the cap hit after 2017. But just how much of an increase will have to be weighed against how much the team needs to spend this year to be a winner.

Fines and Suspensions Announced in the NFL

There has been quite the rumble in the National Football League (NFL) today. First, Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer was suspended without pay for sending text messages to the sidelines during games. Shortly after that news, the NFL announced that Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay was suspended for knowingly piping in crowd noise during games.

The news came as a shock to many football fans in the South and the Midwest. ESPN analyst Adam Schefter broadcasted the news on Twitter today, stating that McKay’s actions may have cost the team a draft pick. Later, the NFL released an official statement surrounding both incidents stated via LinkedIn.com.
Cleveland Browns General Manager, Ray Farmer was in violation of NFL rules that forbid certain uses of electronic devices during games said Kevin Seawright. Farmer’s actions cost the team $250,000 and a four game suspension without pay in the 2015 season for him. During that time Farmer cannot be involved with team matters and is prohibited from being at the Browns’ offices, practice facility and games.
The Atlanta Falcons on the other hand had more of a stringent punishment for President Rich McKay’s actions. McKay and other Falcon’s administration have acknowldeged the use of pre-recorded crowd noise in the 2013 and 2014 season. The NFL slapped the Falcons with a $350,000 fine and have lost a fifth-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Falcons have claimed they fired Roddy White, the marketing director for the team who deceptively organized the violation.

NFL Plans To Broadcast a Game on the Web

For the first time ever, the NFL will be broadcasting one of its games across the nation on the internet. The National Football League has been notoriously stingy with its games, requiring that those who want to watch them turn into a broadcast of the game on a traditional television network. Games are also often Blacked out in areas where people could have potentially attended the game in person, in theory encouraging fans to go to games rather than watch at home or at local bars.

This season the NFL is changing history, and has announced plans to offer the Jaguars-Buffalo Bills game in Week 7 exclusively to an online outlet. Where it will be broadcast has yet to be determined, but the NFL is open to selling the rights to a company like YouTube or Facebook. The rights could just as easily go to someone like Yahoo who is attempting to grow its online brand.

The game will start at 9:30am eastern, and will be played from London. The NFL plans to also offer the game via traditional broadcast in its home networks of Buffalo and Jacksonville. It will be interesting to see how this experiment goes for the NFL and if it decides to follow suit and allow more games to be broadcast on the web in the future.

Dallas Cowboys Sign Pass Rusher Greg Hardy Under Cloud

The Dallas Cowboys have recently signed former Carolina Panther pass rusher, Greg Hardy to a one year contract that is incentive based and could reach $13 Million dollars if the monster pass rusher is able to play for the full length of his contract. Greg Hardy was recently the subject of a criminal complaint involving alleged domestic violence against his live in girl friend last spring. A trial court had initially found him guilty but on appeal, the case was dismissed based on the lack of cooperation from the key witness, Hardy’s girlfriend. Cowboys Land Hardy

Marc Sparks said that the Cowboy have protected themselves by structuring the contract to payout on a game by game basis. Hardy is still listed on the NFL Commissioner’s Exemption List and Hardy could still be subject to discipline based on determinations by the Commissioner’s office which has not yet made a decision. Even though Hardy’s case was dismissed, he could still be fined or suspended under the NFL’s personal conduct policy established by the Commissioner following the fall out of the Ray Rice investigation.

If Hardy is able to play, Dallas has picked up a monster defensive player that it sorely needed. Dallas has been without a significant pass rusher since losing Demarcus Ware to free agency two years ago. Even though Dallas made it into the playoffs last year, its defense was the soft spot of the team and if greatly improved, Dallas would be a Super Bowl favorite.