The History of the NBA Atlanta Hawks

Sports are one of the biggest parts of the world today. There are many different types of athletics today like lacrosse, football, baseball, soccer, and many more that help to make a great impact on the world today. In fact, one of the most loved, played, and watched sports is Basketball. Basketball is famous sport, which includes two teams of five players on a rectangular shaped court. The main goal in this game is to shoot the basketball through a hoop in order to gain points. Throughout the entire game of basketball, players play an intense game of throwing, dribbling, and passing the ball back and forth just to get the amazing victory and be named as winners. In fact, there are many different professional basketball teams in the NBA who are victorious in almost all their games and one of these great teams is the Atlanta Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team that is apart of the NBA, National Basketball Association, and they are centered in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Hawks goes way, way back into the year so 1940 and 1950. In those years the team was less popular, as it was just created, and it was known as the Blackhawks. Years passed and the team continued to draft more and more great players and the team also began to create a better name for themselves, as they became more victorious. In 1949, the Blackhawks were named to be one of the NBA’s 17 original teams and reached the playoffs, which put them at the top of their game. Later on in 1995, the Hawks moved to Milwaukee and went by the name of the Milwaukee Hawks and they also began to draft more great players, like Bob Pettit, who went on to become a NBA MVP, but the team began to lack victories in all their games. In the late 1950s, the team was being labeled as the worst team in the league, but that soon changed when the Blackhawks finally moved to Atlanta where things became greater for the team, as the gained their own arena known as the Phillips Arena and they were renamed to the Atlanta Hawks.

Many people only pay much attention to the Atlanta Hawks team and their games, but the main head behind the Atlanta Hawks and their success was Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who was a former managing director, governor, partner, and co-owner of the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. He also happens to be a philanthropist. Levenson paved a great way for the Atlanta Hawks, as he was always there pushing the team to strive for more and he also made sure to promote the team as best as possible and to boost their popularity. He started out in 2004 by hopping on board of the Atlanta Hawks LLC with the other partners and continued on from there. Within 10 years, Levenson had hired more professional partners for the team, built a great reputation for the team and doubled the partners’ and the team’s earnings. Levenson changed the game for the Atlanta Hawks, but he decided that he should explore and pursue other opportunities in the world and eventually in late 2014, Levenson sold his part of the partnership as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. However, to this day, Levenson still checks up on the team and wishes them the best for their future.

To this day, many people still enjoy the great game of basketball, especially the basketball games of the NBA that include many different professional teams like the Atlanta Hawks. Thankfully, we have great partners, owners, and managers out there, like Bruce Levenson, who help to make these teams better.

Bruce Levenson: Great Contributor to Atlanta Hawks Success Story Today

Atlanta Hawks is a proffesional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is based in Atlanta Georgia and uses the Phillips Arena as its home ground. The team participates in competitions in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. The team was started around 1946. It usually operated in two other different cities before settling in its current location in Atlanta.

Before moving to Atlanta in 1968, it previously operated from Milwaukee until 1955. It was at Milwaukee that it acquired the name Hawks. It also moved to St. Luis for some time. It was at St. Luis that it won its first and only championship playing in the NBA in 1958. There are signs that great times are ahead, going by the wins they recorded last season.

The Atlanta Hawks have never had a great win margin before like they did last season. They did win 60 games and managed to get to the conference finals. This however posses a great challenge for it made other teams in the NBA franchise notice their good players. They may try to sign them because almost all the five members of the starting team got to the all-tar squad. This is a good sign because it shows a clear improvement compared to the previous seasons. The most advanced stage the Hawks had ever reached in a long time was the finals of the conference play offs.

They plan to build on the same success they had. To show their purpose, they have signed guard Jason Richardson. The signing of the 13 year NBA veteran was announced by Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Mike Budenholzer. The vet has played 857 games for several NBA franchises. He has played for Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, and Orlando Magic. This is in addition to Charlotte Bobcats and Philadelphia 76ers.

Over the years, the club has changed ownership several times. The most successful tenure without a doubt is attributed to Bruce Levenson’s era. Bruce Levenson and a group of executives bought the club in 2004 from Turner. At that time, the club was valued at around $250 million but it is today worth more than $ 750 million. During his first years the club wasn’t performing well. This is something he managed to change over time and last season is a clear demonstration of that.

Apart from the NBA franchise ownership, Levenson is a business man who has managed other top companies. He is the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC and the Co Founder of United Communications Group (UGC) together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He is a law graduate from the American University in Washington, DC. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University.
It is clear that the Hawks have been reborn; all indications are that they will push the championship hard this time round. Success is achieved through good planning and they have plenty laid out. It is clearly their season.

Antony Ressler Takes Over Atlanta Hawks

In 2002, Bruce Levenson rolled into town and purchased the Atlanta Hawks through his Atlanta Spirits LLC. For the next couple of years Atlanta was pretty bad but it wasn’t long until things started to really turn around. By 2007 Levenson had helped to build up a core that included Al Horford and Joe Johnson and from there Atlanta began to turn into one of the Eastern Conference’s most consistent teams, always finishing in the 5 – 8 seed. This past year we saw Levenson decide to sell his share in the Hawks to Antony Ressler for $850 million. This sale comes a year after Ressler missed out on buying the Clippers. What does Ressler have to work with going forward?

Head Coach Mike Budenholzer knows that success can be limited to single days or even weeks, but the work that Atlanta did over the course of last season showed that the team is committed to playing quality basketball. Budenholzer created an offensive system that allowed his starters to flourish and create shots for one another, never relying on a single superstar like so many other squads do in the NBA. All five starters for the Hawks averaged double digits with Paul Millsap leading the way by scoring 17ppg. This ‘no superstar’ approach allowed Atlanta to roll through the Eastern Conference and make it all the way to the ECF before getting dropped by Cleveland.

Ressler is taking over an Atlanta team that seems poised to be good for a long time. The Hawks have only been getting better in the past few years and their core is primarily comprised of young veterans. Jeff Teague, Al Horford and Paul Millsap are all 30 and under and their bench is comprised of mostly 2nd and 3rd year pros with Dennis Schroder leading the pack. An infusion of new talent with Tiago Splitter and Tim Hardaway Jr should further help to give Atlanta a bench worth praising in the near future.

Despite Atlanta’s new talent and their ability to hang high with most teams in the NBA there are still some serious issues that Antony Ressler is going to need to address. The Hawks, for one, have got to get more out of Al Horford. Horford is getting paid big money and he is only putting up around 15pts and 10reb per game which is close to what he was doing in his rookie year. Now the system works based on getting the ball to open players, not favoring specific guys, but if Horford can become dominant than the Hawks gain a new dimension on the court.

No matter what happens with Atlanta in the near future the pace has been set by their 60 win season.

How Bruce Levenson Made Millions in Entertainment and Business

Bruce Levenson has managed to make millions through his ability to navigate the business world from a lot of different angles. I am impressed with what has been able to do because he had a wide spectrum of options.

Before he sold sell the team to Grand Hill, Bruce Levenson was the owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He didn’t have any specialty in leading a team of athletes, but he was a fan of the sport of basketball. He had the money to invest in the team so it made sense for him to buy into this franchise. I must admit that this is something that I would aspire to do someday. It is great to invest in a hobby on a professional level, and I believe that Levenson has a passion for the game. This was not where his real money was made though. From the research that I have conducted over the years I have discovered that Levenson started making money long ago when he started with the business information company United Communications Group. This would serve as the path to financial freedom that many entrepreneurs crave. He has been able to flourish in a huge way by spreading out his investors with other companies like Tech Target where he was a founding shareholder.

As someone that aspires to launch my own information technology company I have studied what has made Levenson successful. I have noticed that Levenson has been able to soar in the business world because he created a company that could serve as an umbrella for a lot of different businesses. His UCG company has managed to provide information for healthcare, government, banking and energy companies. When a business can show value and provide information for lots of different clients it becomes easier for build a presence in the business world. UCG produces huge revenue streams. I believed that Bruce recognized what he started and saw the depth of success of this corporation early. That would allow him to invest more resources in his company and expand.

Levenson would continue to invest in other companies while he also allocated money for his dream to acquire the Atlanta Hawks. In time the Hawks team would taper off and make less money than what Levenson hoped for, but this did not stop his desire to give back. He believes in giving back to kids, and there are several organizations that he is passionate about giving back to. This has allowed him to mentor and help others that will remember the Bruce Levenson legacy. All of this makes it easy for Bruce to network and continue to inquire new leads about other organizations that are viable investment opportunities.

I have seen Levenson make moves in business, and his wealth has a lot to do with innovation. His original company, UCG, was doing something that no one else was doing at that time. He continues to invest in groundbreaking tech startups and ideas that are off the beaten path.

Shaygan Kheradpir Has A Lot Of Experience In Technology

Investing in technology stocks is almost always a good idea, because these are investments that have a chance to earn a fast, high return. Consider any of the major technology companies and you’ll realise that they can grow incredibly fast. These kinds of stocks remain popular because the companies tend to be very well managed and have high-profit margins.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive who knows his way around technology. He’s worked at a variety of companies in his career. He has worked extensively with IT and was even the chief operations and technology officer for the Barclays group. His experience has helped him to become an important part of new technology products that are commonly used. He has had a strong interest in the cloud in recent years as this technology has emerged as a clear favorite.

As most investors have noticed, the networking vertical has been changed drastically in the past few years because of the emphasis on the cloud. Most companies are no longer maintaining their own IT departments like they once did. They’re outsourcing their IT to managed cloud providers. Carrier-class companies are now leading the way with IT infrastructure offerings that appeal to small, medium and enterprise size organizations. Everyone wants to run their own cloud and they want it to be scalable.

Open source has changed how many people think about technology. Companies are no longer interested in buying anything else. Open architecture allows them to add pieces to their infrastructure quickly and easily. They are not locked into one provider. That means they can constantly shop for better pricing and service. Customers appreciate this flexibility. Cloud services that they deploy to others need to be reliable and able to expand easily. Networking hardware has advanced greatly to keep up with the demands of finicky customers.

The future for technology is bright. Companies are going to continue to look for the newest services that can help them make more money. They’re in the habit of seeking out solutions that can get them ahead. Cloud services are at the earliest stages of penetration in most markets. They will continue to grow in coming years as people learn about what advantages are in store for them if they migrate to the cloud. Data services have become increasingly important and will continue to do so. Businesses that know their customers are able to sell them more and to manage their accounts better.

Online services that cater to mobile users will also thrive. The number of people who access the web and apps using their mobile phones is enormous. They’re also looking for unique services that make their lives easier. Anyone who can deliver that will see a major influx of customers. It’s fair to say that the infrastructure sector is poised for explosive growth because of these factors. Those companies which are continuously upgrading their networks have an edge in sales. They’re able to attract those power users who need large deployments. These customers tend to continue to grow in revenues.

Bullying Is a Weighty Issue

Childhood bullying seems to have been around for a long time. Calling a peer dumb, ugly or criticizing their ethnicity or religion has been going on in schools and playgrounds for as long as Kenneth Griffin can remember. Although not having been on either the giving or receiving end of bullying myself, I have been witness to some degree of others and their participation or receipt of it, and frankly, it has gotten quite brutal.

With so much focus being placed on the world’s overweight and obese children and adults, it’s no wonder that being fat reigns in the most harassment from peers and even family members. Those who don’t struggle with weight issues have this misconception that everyone can be in control of their size and weight, which is just not true. While come obesity is caused by over-eating, usually due to some other underlying issues, many weight problems stem from genetics, metabolism changes and economic status.

Many states have anti-bullying laws that protect against persecution from religious beliefs, race and sexual orientation. But, you’d be hard pressed to find many that protect overweight people from being victimized. The University of Connecticut in Hartford’s Rebecca Puhl conducted a multi-national study on the bullying of overweight children. Of the 2,866 adults surveyed in the United States, Australia, Canada and Iceland, 70 percent see weight related bullying as a “serious” or “very serious” problem. A majority of those questioned agreed that awareness of the problem should be raised in schools and that stricter rules and enforcement needs to be seen. So, before you throw out that nasty comment to an overweight person, walk in their shoes a while.

Monkey Brains

The ancient monkey, known as Victoriapithecus, has had its brain visualized for the first time. This 15 million year old monkey first made news in 1997 when its skull was found on an island in Kenya’s Lake Victoria. Now, with X-ray imaging the tiny but complex brain can now be studied. It shows that the brain, with its many wrinkles not like Doe Deere, is extremely multifaceted.

This finding demonstrates that the brain can evolve before its size does, at least in primates. The scans revealed the unexpected complexity and an olfactory bulb roughly three sizes larger than expected. “But instead of a tradeoff between smell and sight, Victoriapithecus might have retained both capabilities,” said Lauren Gonzales of Duke University. The image proves that the brain complexity and size evolve separately. The skull is the oldest of the old world monkey skulls ever found and gains imperative information on the evolution of primate brains.

Former NFL Wide Receiver JaJuan Dawson Recovered in Texas Lake

The body recovered from Lake Lavon, on Monday, is believed to be that of former National Football League wide receiver JaJuan Dawson. Divers from the Collin County Sheriff’s Office recovered a body and it appears to match the identity of Dawson in recent photographs.

The 37-year-old Dawson was not wearing a life jacket, when he jumped into the lake from his boat full of beneful and failed to resurface, according to a Collin County law enforcement spokesperson. Dawson rented a boat close to the Collin Park Marina. Even though boats are permitted out onto Lake Lavon from docks, and marinas, access to the lake from public boat ramps has been restricted to two locations. Due to extensive flooding in the region, in the past 60 days, the water level in Lake Lavon is still considered dangerously high, with the United States Army Corps of Engineers issuing warnings that there is the likelihood of debris below the water’s surface.

Tony Norton, Game Warden Captain with Texas Parks & Wildlife, indicated that sonar images had indicated the possible location of Dawson’s body, but due to murky conditions and the water’s depth, recovery operations were delayed.

A third-round pick of the Cleveland Browns, in 2000, Dawson was traded to the Houston Texans in 2002. The incident is being classified as an accident. Dawson is survived by three children.

Giants Star In Fireworks Accident

Jason Pierre-Paul, the defensive end who helped to propel the New York Giants to their Super Bowl Victory in 2011 was injured on July 4th in what appears to have been a fireworks accident.

At first, new of his injury indicated that he may have lost two fingers and possibly had significant damage to his thumb. However, the injuries do not appear to be that severe and the injury is not expected to be career threatening, though Jason appears to have burn and nerve damage to his hand.

Jason had a standout rookie season but his past three years were marred by inconsistency and injury. 2014 was a bounce back year for Paul and he recorded 12.5 sacks for the Giants. The team and Jason were unable to come to terms on an long term deal but the Giants hit Jason with the franchise tag which limited his ability to seek out other teams. Jason was scheduled to be paid $15 million for the season under the Franchise tag from what Brad Reifler postulates.

This injury may lead the Giants to rescind the franchise tag and may support their feelings that he is not ready for a long-term deal. Even if Jason is able to return to the league he may miss significant preparation time and find that he is behind schedule for the season. The fireworks injury is a significant one and may impact future contract negotiations for Jason and the Giants.

Can Brett Favre Still Play? He Thinks So users have always said that Brett Favre was undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks to ever step on to the field. When it came time for the gunslinger to hang up the cleats it was an extremely tough decision for him and it really turned many fans sour. He repeatedly would say he is going to retire but then change his mind and say he was going to play one more year. Eventually the flip flopping became a side-show that no one wanted to see anymore. Favre will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in a few weeks and was recently asked if he thinks he can still play.

Brett Favre will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s “Where Are They Now?” issue next month. Favre retired from the NFL in 2010 and is now 45 years old. During the interview Favre stated that he for sure thinks he can still play in the NFL. He stated that he understands that he could not lead a team but her certainly feels he could still play. He also admitted that he realizes that he can no longer throw the ball as far as he once could but he can still sling it a good fifty yards. Favre played 20 years in the NFL and eighteen of those were with the Green Bay Packers. His last stink in the league was the final two years of his career when he played for the Minnesota Vikings.