No Redskins in Washington

Activists and fans of the NFL’s Washington Redskins have been working diligently to change the controversial name that the team plays under. The fight hasn’t just touch the NFL but school districts across the country as well. Legislators in the California State Senate Education Committee decided to ban 4 state-run high schools from using the name Redskins as official team mascots. The decision was passed with a 7-1 vote reports Sergio Cortes. Now that the bill has passed the California State Board lawmakers and Native American activist and supporters are hoping that the Senate will pass the bill and make it national period it should be noted that their motivation for this change is to make sure that people know that Native Americans are people and not mascots. Supporters of the Redskin name and keeping it intact are standing on the notion that they use the Redskin name to honor Native Americans. If these people really wanted to the honor Native Americans they would pass the Bill and Ben the use of the name. The schools that are still using the Redskin name will have until January 1st 2017 to officially change their name and any apparel branded with the Redskin name period while the controversy for the NFL Redskins is still going strong, the step to reduce use of the Redskin name at a state level is a huge step for the Native American community and its supporters.

Is Johnny Manziel here or is Johnny Football Back?

Finally, Johnny Manziel is looking like he is waking up to the reality that “Johnny Football” might not be the image he wants moving forward. Heisman Trophy Winner and former Texas A&M star now plays for the Cleveland Browns where he currently watches the game he loves from the sidelines. Hopeful that he would step right into the star role in Cleveland when he was drafted, Johnny was disappointed along with fans like James Dondero when he only made two starts last season.

Fresh out of rehab he is taking accountability for his actions on and off the field stating, “At the end of the day, everything that happened last year is not on anybody else but myself.” Looking forward he wants to make some changes in his personal life which he hopes will also transfer to the filed. One of those changes is to retire the “Money Sign.” The widely iconic gesture has taken the fan base by storm but I am not sure if they will allow it to be left on the bench.

Johnny is polarizing as an individual and we all became entranced with his athleticism while leading Texas A&M to victory after victory. Cleveland is not Texas though and the Browns are not a college team. Most of all the “Dawg Pound” might be his biggest critics yet. Will he impress them or is there a trade in the future?

Worry About Bills’ QB and Defense

Bills Needing Defense and a Good Quarterback

Only this past offseason did the Buffalo Bills acquire former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan to lead their team. A team with Rex Ryan involved is generally known for having good defensive play stated Folha Uol.

A big concern surrounding the team now is not about the defense but whether or not the quarterback situation can effectively balance the whole team out. During one practice the team did not have its three best defensive backs practicing but still proved to be a formidable force and could generate significant quarterback pressure. The team defense also seemed to be better than what Ryan had previously with the Jets.

But while molding a strong defense is important, making sure there is a good quarterback on deck for the team is just as, if not more, important. The Bills are in need of a quarterback who is a consistent veteran that is capable of protecting the ball, hand it off often and maybe throw a long pass. Their current roster includes EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, Matt Simms and Tyrod Taylor, who all could do that.

The problem the Bills have is wondering if one of them is capable of doing all of those tasks as a starter. None of the team is comparing them to Tom Brady but simply taking it in strides and looking for a straight-laced man behind the center.

Tom Brady Dances At Super Bowl Ring Event

Tom Brady and his team were all getting together at an event because they were getting their Super Bowl rings. Although there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Super Bowl this year, and other problems that Tom Brady is having, he obviously had a very good night. Tom Brady Dancing. Fetty Wap has a song called “Trap Queen, and it’s been dubbed as the song of the summer, even though the summer hasn’t started yet. The song was playing at the party where the football players were at, and Tom Brady decided to get down.

Tom Brady tried to show off his dance moves, but the problem is that he had no real dance moves. Many entertainment outlets have been talking about the fact that his dance moves were a joke, but at least he was a good sport, and he had some fun. According to Steve Murray, Wiz Khalifa was the DJ and the event, and he was playing music that everyone was supposed to dance to. Many of the other footballers were out on the dance floor trying to get down, even the 72-year-old team owner.

While the music played in the background, everyone enjoyed themselves, and a video was created of the entire event. Tom Brady has been in some hot water lately behind an investigation that accused him of knowing that the football used for the Super Bowl was slightly deflated. Tom faced no jail time behind the accusations.

Michael Vick Has Cautionary Words for LeSean McCoy.

We can’t argue that LeSean McCoy isn’t one of the most talented running backs to take to the field in the past five years. His work in Philadelphia launched him to another level, prompting MVP talks and rushing title records. Now that McCoy has been dealt to Buffalo, a punishment in and of itself, McCoy has been less than kind in talking about his former team. McCoy was quick to blame Head Coach Chip Kelly for being racist about dealing all of the ‘best black players’ on the team. But the words rang hollow because everyone knows that they aren’t true, and Michael Vick is the first NFL player to publicly come out and say it.

Michael Vick, you can learn more about him on,  is no stranger to controversy, though his issues were quite a bit more severe, so perhaps LeSean is better served listening to what Vick has to stay. Vick talked to reporters at ESPN The Magazine and he threw out a few cautionary words in the interview. Vick said that he told McCoy to “stay positive” and to appreciate the fact that he was still in the NFL. Vick concluded the discussion by telling McCoy not to “take things so personally, your life is great.”

For once we have seen Vick come to the forefront of media coverage with some sensible words. Vick being the rationality in this story is just too much to bear without laughing.

Brandon Weeden Gives Cowboys Depth At Quarterback

The off season has proven to be very good for the Dallas Cowboys. In the short term they have improved their defense significantly and in the long term they may have found their future quarterback. Fourth year quarterback, Brandon Weeden has impressed Dallas Coaches, especially Zeca Oliveira (comments at, with his improvement in understanding the playbook and his knowledge of the offense. He has proven to be the player who has shown the most improvement in the offseason and Dallas coaches now feel they have a solid young quarterback behind Tony Romo. Dallas Believes That It Has a Solid Back Up To Tony Romo in Brandon Weeden Weeden is a former first round pick from the Cleveland Browns, but he has suffered under different offensive schemes in each of his two seasons with the the Browns. He had shown some promise in a couple of games but not enough for the Browns to hold on to him when they drafted Johnny Manziel.

Dallas can know look to develop other areas of the team without the concern of trying to reach for a future quarterback in the NFL draft. A successful starting quarterback is rare in the NFL and very few come out of college NFL ready to compete for a playoff run. While many are learning pro offenses at their colleges, many still find it hard to adapt to the speed and intelligence of NFL defenses. Additionally, it is hard to instill the confidence and even cockiness that is required of an NFL quarterback. Weeden may be Dallas’s answer long term.

Green Bay Is Trending Toward Greatness in 2016.

The Green Bay Packers have been the face of the NFC North for the better part of the past decade. As Aaron Rodgers rose into truly elite company, the team from little Green Bay has become the second ‘America’s Team’ that we can remember. Aaron Rodgers took over for Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre and he has never looked back. Now Rodgers is turning 32 and he already has a pair of NFL MVP’s in his living room. Rodgers also has a Lombardi Trophy, but he is selfish — he wants more. And it is very likely that Green Bay can give him one, sooner than later.

The thing about the Green Bay Packers, which most fans from the NFC North hate, is that Green Bay has never needed to take time to rebuild and retool–not in a serious fashion, anyway as Ricardo Tosto has noted. You see, the torch was handed straight from Favre to Rodgers and with it all of the weapons that the Packers had accrued. Rodgers has had studly wide outs throughout his career in Green Bay and now he has one of the best young running backs in the game behind him.

So with another year of wear on his arm how can we be so sure that Rodgers is Super Bowl bound this coming season? Well, for one Rodgers said he wants another Super Bowl. For two, the NFC North is completely open for business and Rodgers knows how to gamble.

Is Vick’s Career Over?

Michael Vick was asked if he thinks he can still be a starter in the NFL over the weekend at a charity event by reports. Vick stated that he absolutely believes he can still start in the NFL. The only problem for Vick though, is the fact that it is already mid-June and not one NFL team has signed him to a contract. Many speculated that he was headed to the Seattle Seahawks until they re-signed their backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to a new deal.

Vick will be 35 years old this June and mid-way through and he has not signed a deal with any teams yet. Guys at Boraie Development feel this is a big deal because no team is going to sign a quarterback just before the season starts and simply throw them into the lineup. The once Atlanta Falcons franchise quarterback played for the New York Jets last year. He only started three games but appeared in a total of seven. The previous five years Vick played for the Philadelphia Eagles and at one point was almost in contention for league MVP. The greatness however did not last and Vick quickly found himself in a back-up position.

Michael Vick recently stated that he knows he probably is not as good of an athlete as he was back in his early years, but believes that makes up for it mentally. He also stated that he now believes he is the total package. He may now be the total package, but he might also be the only one that believes that.

Marshawn Lynch to Join ‘Call of Duty’ Video Game Universe.

Marshawn Lynch is one of the most popular ‘anti personalities’ in football said Sergio Cortes. Much like the strong jawed Stannis Baratheon from ‘Game of Thrones’, Marshawn doesn’t care if you like him or not — as long as he gets what he deserves. Lynch has been the backbone of the Seattle Seahawks ever since getting trade over from Buffalo and he has turned his career around in a huge way, collecting some serious hardware along the way in the form of Pro Bowl invites and Superbowl Trophies. Now Marshawn is joining the ‘Call of Duty’ universe as a character, the first athlete ever to do so.

‘Call of Duty’ has been one of the most popular video game franchises in the world for the past decade and the ‘Black Ops’ line has been a crowning point of the series. ‘Black Ops III’ will be featuring Marshawn Lynch as a character in the campaign. Activision, developers behind the title, had Lynch in their motion capture studio in Los Angeles this past month, utilizing the same techniques that brought Gollum to life in ‘Lord of the Rings’.

The reason that Activision invited Lynch into the series, outside of the fact that he is a name draw, is that Lynch simply loves the game. Lynch cites his college days as the beginning of his huge ‘Duty’ fandom and that getting into the game would be a little bit of a dream come true.

San Francisco 49ers Sit at Precipice

The San Francisco 49ers are standing at a crossroads for their franchise. In a big way the 49ers have risen back up to excellence in the past couple of seasons under the hard hitting coaching of Jim Harbaugh. When Harbaugh and the crew fell apart last season, everything went sideways. Harbaugh ended up getting let go, the 49ers didn’t make the playoffs, and now a whole slew of 49ers have also retired or left the team. Colin Kaepernick is sitting on a new contract and he doesn’t look at all like the kind of QB, or even public person, you can pin your franchises hopes on. So what comes next?

Ideally Colin Kaepernick will move on to the next level to become a true dual threat QB in this league. Kaep has always shown the ability to scramble and he has also shown the ability to throw the ball ever since taking over the QB spot from Alex Smith. Unfortunately Kaepernick hasn’t been able to do both things for an entire season. With the 49ers lacking a ton of threats on offense, excluding the newly added Reggie Bush, San Francisco needs Kaepernick more than ever to start earning his paycheck.

The 49er franchise demands excellence and after making it to three straight NFC Title games, a return to the norm can’t be happening. Sam Tabar recently mentioned to a wikipedia contributor that if Kaep and the 49ers don’t get it going this coming season then expect huge changes.