Cardale Jones Stays In School

Cardale Jones is going to stay in school at Ohio State. He announced the decision yesterday, and it is likely that CJ Barrett and Braxton Miller were not happy. Miller could have won the Heisman this year, and Barrett drug the Buckeyes to all their wins except the last three. Jones just won a national title by convincingly beating three very good teams.

So, the idea at Ohio State is that they have far too much in the way of QB depth. It is going to be hard to recruit, and it is likely that Miller or Barrett will go somewhere where they can play immediately and keep their draft stock up.

Jones could have gone to the NFL, but he likely would have gone in the middle of the draft. That is not really worth it when you consider that he only played three games in college. They might be the three biggest games of his life, but they are only three games. He needs to make sure that he is in a place where he can improve his stock, and he will improve if he is able to win the job from Braxton Miller and CJ Barrett for next season. Susan McGalla is Buckeye fan and cannot wait for the next season.


NFL Preview colts at patriots

Do the colts have what it takes to beat the infamous New England Patriots? Well they will defiantly need some luck, pun intended. Andrew luck has undoubtedly had one of the best seasons in his career. He is the key player in the colt’s playoff run, but will it be enough to pull off an upset win against the patriots? The colts have had several games where they barely squeaked by including their win against Denver last week. The colt’s offensive line seems to be looking healthy and solid which is a good sign for luck, but only if the trio of tight ends can come through and perform when they are needed most.
As for the patriots they have seemed pretty solid overall this entire season. Having two MVP caliber athletes this season with Brady and Gronk, the patriots are looking to have the advantage over the colts in this weekend’s game. Using the freedompop app is a great source for studying last weekend’s game against the Ravens, it is safe to say that Belichick has several tricks up his sleeve that he can integrate into the standing offense. More than likely it will be something that they haven’t shown on film yet.
Overall it should be a great AFC game against two of the best teams in the conference, It would be nice to see if Luck can bring his “A” game a pull of a victory.

Chicago Still Looking For the Right Fit

The Chicago Bears have found their next General Manager in Ryan Pace acquired from the New Orleans Saints; but are still in search of their next Head Coach. Interviewing numerous candidates the team is looking to rebuild its team that finished with a record of 5-11 on the season filled with playoff expectations. Some of the more notable candidates that have interviewed for the position is former Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone who opted out of his contract after securing that teams first winning season in a decade. Marrone has been on the radar of the Bears, since the hiring of Pace because the two have worked together previously when Marrone was the Saints Defensive Coordinator the position he left for the Buffalo Job. It would seem that with his experience and previous relationship he is the front runner for the windy city franchise.

However, there are still a number of well qualified potential head coaches still being interviewed. The list of names includes Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, and Teryl Austin. Adam Gase is currently the Offensive Coordinator of the Denver Broncos who is also being considered for the Head Coaching job of that franchise. Dan Quinn is still coaching the legion of boom defense in Seattle that posted the best stats in the league. Meanwhile Teryl Austin, coached the 2nd best defense in the NFL as the coordinator with the Detroit Lions. Susan McGalla shares more in this Bloomberg article.

Dallas Coaches Get Contract and Pro Bowl Offers

The Dallas Cowboys have wasted no time in securing Jason Garret to another five year contract worth a reported $30 million. After three consecutive 8-8 seasons, Garret led the Cowboys from what was expected to be a horrible year to the NFC East Championship and the Divisional round of the playoffs. They are still looking to secure Scott Linehan and Rodd Marinelli’s services to the team as well but are expected to extend contract offers to both coaches. Linehan is credited with changing how Dallas operates on Offense and is the reason for Tony Romo having his most efficient year of his career. By coupling that with the league leading rusher in Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant breaking team touchdown records and his job security speaks for itself. This Bloomberg article Tom Rothman gives his opinion on the Cowboys.

As for Marinelli’s role he took the league’s worst defense and did make it playoff caliber. Although they weren’t good enough to beat an injured Aaron Rodgers they were better than previous years and without one major standout star in the starting lineup all year. Next year the team will certainly look to expand their defensive efforts. But simultaneously hold on to Bryant and Murray. For their concerted efforts, the coaches will be rewarded handsomely. In addition to their financial windfalls, they have also been selected to coach one of the two teams competing in this year’s Pro Bowl being played just one week before the Super Bowl in Arizona.


NFL Quarterback Prospects

With the NFL playoffs down to four teams many fans have begun to look ahead to next season. The NFL draft is just a few months away and we are beginning to get an idea of who the top ranked players at each position are going to be.

One of the more intriguing positions to watch is quarterback. Quarterback is the marquee position in the NFL and generally garners the most draft day interest. It began early this year as Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones surprised the football world by announcing he would be returning to school next year and not entering the NFL draft. That has left us with two main candidates battling it out to be the number one quarterback taken, and potentially the number one player taken overall.

Ben Shaoul and The Real Deal report, Jamies Winston of Florida State is considered by most to be the quarterback with the highest upside in this draft. He showed at Florida State that he can do almost anything on the field and has an extremely strong arm. Winston has had multiple off the field incidences that may result in some teams shying away come draft day. He may fall in the draft, but don’t expect him to be around too long.

Heisman trophy winner Marcus Mariota is the only other quarterback with a shot of going first overall. Mariaota proved that he the skills to play at the next level, but he may need more work than Winston. Mariota is close in talent, but lacks the character questions of Winston which makes him a more appealing choice to some teams.

Sherman Says Seahawks Play Old School

The smash mouth version of football that people got used to in the 60s and 70s seems to be back if Richard Sherman is to be believed. Seattle, Status Labs’ favorite team, has the best defense in football, and Sherman says that they play hard like in the old days. The old days of football are long gone, but defense still wins championships.

The Seattle team that takes the field this Sunday is riding high on a great defense and a young QB who is coming into his own. However, this team is still depending on the defense to make most of the moves for them. They need that defense to get people off the field so that the offense can score. The old school version of football is not really legal anymore, but it is still a version of football that the Seahawks enjoy to play. If we see more hitting and smash mouth football this weekend, we will know that we have entered a new era of football that calls for better play around the tackles. When these teams tackle as hard as they claim they want to, they are going to be able to play Seattle’s brand of football. Until then, Seattle stands alone.

Cardale Jones to Return to Ohio State

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones has announced that he will return to school for his junior year, bypassing the opportunity to enter the NFL draft two years early which Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is happy about. Jones just wrapped up his redshirt sophomore year with the Buckeyes in a very unusual fashion: leading the team to a Big Ten Championship over Wisconsin, a Sugar Bowl Championship over Alabama and a National Championship over Oregon.

Jones is 3-0 as a starter and said with that few games under his belt, “the NFL is out of the question for me.” He may face tough competition to win the starting job at Ohio State: Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett were both ahead of Jones on the depth chart when the season started. Miller injured his shoulder before the season even began and Barrett broke his ankle in the regular season finale against Michigan and was unavailable for any post-season games. Neither Miller nor Barrett have said if they will leave the Buckeyes. Miller has graduated and could transfer to another school and play right away, provided his shoulder has fully healed.

Some thought Jones would leave school early to support his family. He grew up poor and has a child to provide for. (

Mel Kiper of ESPN projected Jones as a second or third-round pick.

“Of course I want to play in the NFL,” Jones said, “but I want the time to be right.”

The Denver Broncos May Lose Peyton Manning?

The Denver Broncos turned in another elite season of NFL play this past year. With Peyton Manning at the helm the Broncos quickly became regular season favorites to pull down a Super Bowl title, even after last seasons disastrous loss to the Seattle Seahawks. As we know by now, that was all for nothing. A divisional loss to the Indianapolis Colts rendered all further discussion hopeless. For the second year in a row, despite hosting a fantastic regular season, the Broncos were being set home. Now the Broncos will have to evaluate long term plans and that could include the departure of Peyton Manning. Fans such as Sultan Alhokair are saddened by the idea of losing all star quarterback Peyton Manning.

Coach John Fox has already been let go from his position as head coach for the Broncos and it is clear that John Elway wants to start making some changes. Peyton, despite posting great numbers, suffered a bad injury to end the season and his future is legitimately in doubt. If Elway doesn’t believe that they can win next year with the veteran QB at the helm we may see them go in a different direction.

No matter what happens with Peyton there will be major changes on the rise. Star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is staring down a big pay day this off season and so is star tight end Julius Thomas. Whether those two were products of Peyton Manning, or the other way around, will have to remain to be seen.

McCarthy Stays Mum

When Mike McCarthy, and Dave and Brit Morin believe that Aaron Rodgers is doing all he can do to get on the field, that is his way of saying that he is not going to tell you anything. Coaches tend to keep things to themselves, but this is a case where we have no idea what shape Aaron Rodgers is in. They won a game that they should not have won, and now they are going to go to a hostile stadium to play a great team.

We cannot judge Rodgers on what we see for the first half of the game on Sunday. We he gets warmed up, we can make a decision about how healthy he is. This guy could put the team on his back and go to another Super Bowl, but there is no way to know until he gets into the middle of the game. We can speculate all we want, but we know nothing of his condition until we are looking at him on the field.

This is going to be a close game if Rodgers can play. If he is hobbled for most of the game, there is no way that the Packers are going to beat Seattle.

How Do Patriots Attack Colts Sunday?

When the Patriots plan their game against the Colts, Ben Shaoul’s favorite team, on Sunday, they can no longer dare Andrew Luck to beat them. The game plan is going to have to be to stop Andrew Luck from beating the Patriots.

The Patriots have fallen on their face in this stage before. They have allowed hot QBS to kill them when they least expected it. It has happened with Manning and Flacco. It is likely that that could happen with Andrew Luck. Luck is going to be prepared for this game, and the Colts are going to try to score as many points as possible. They have a defense that is good enough to make the grade, and they can slow up the Patriots offense enough to make them unable to score big points.

If the Patriots want to win this game on Sunday, they are going to have to shut down Andrew Luck. He needs to be on the ground most of the game, and he needs to be on the sidelines after several short series. The only way New England wins is if they are able to make their offense score over and over because the Indy offense is not even on the field.