Johnny Manziel in the Middle of Controversy after Fan Hug

Johnny Manziel has barely played this season but he hit the headlines on Saturday when he was involved in a brawl Saturday morning. The fight started when a fan approached him and said he wanted a hug from him.

Cleveland police were called in early Saturday to the scene of the fight. According to police report, the incident involved 20 men and two security guards.

A man saw Manziel and his friends waiting for an elevator in an apartment complex and decided to approach him. The fan stated that he was the No. 1 fan of Manziel and he only wanted to give him a hug. However, one of the people who Manziel was with could hear none of that. According to the police report, the fan was punched by one of Manziel’s friends. The victim, named Gonos, was struck twice by “the offender”, a man with Manziel.

In his statement, the offender said that he punched Gonos because the victim tried to harm his client. The report did not mention Manziel’s involvement in the fight, and Susan McGalla was glad to hear that. However, according to Gonos, Manzielo punched his brother during the brawl.

This seems like a story of an aggressive fan going overboard, and a bodyguard overreacting to a situation that could have been handled in a more humane way. This can be a good moral lesson to people who go out there approaching random people especially celebrities expecting hugs.

Pats and Blount Reunite

Despite the excellent performance of Jonas Gray against the Indianapolis Colts, the New England Patriots have decided to add another running back to their roster. They have brought back a man who served them well last season, LaGarrette Blount. He returns from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who let him go after personal and team bonding issues.

Blount’s time in Pittsburgh did not end amicably. The player was reportedly said to be furious at the fact that he did not get a single carry in their last NFL game. He did not even stay in the stadium to watch the rest of his team’s game.

Despite Blount’s lack of action for the Steelers, Bill Belichick must be confident that he can get good performances out of him. The Patriots used Blount to great effect in the second half of last season, according to longtime fan Sam Tabar. He was a key part of the offense that got all the way to the AFC Championship game.

There is slight surprise that Bill Belichick brought back Blount, especially after his reported behavior problems with the Steelers. But if there is one coach that can get players on the right track, it is the Patriots trainer. They will be hoping that Blount can form a good duo with Jonas Gray.

One of the reasons Blount works so well for the Patriots is his physicality. They have plenty of good running backs, but no one with that kind of brute force.

Vikings RB Suspended for Rest of the Season

Adrian Peterson will not play a single down in the 2014 season. The NFL announced the Pro Bowl running back has been suspended without pay for the rest of this season.

Peterson was indicted in September on charges of causing injury to his four-year-old son while disciplining him. In early November, Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in his official statement regarding Peterson, “We are prepared to put in place a program that can help you to succeed, but no program can succeed without your genuine and continuing engagement. You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for your children, and have no further violations of law or league policy.” Many fans of the NFL like Igor Cornelsen are waiting to see what might happen next.

The NFL Players Association said it will appeal Peterson’s suspension, calling the punishment “inconsistent” and accusing the league of a “credibility gap” in its disciplinary measures. Officials with the Minnesota Vikings said they will respect the NFL’s decision on Peterson. More reaction can be heard at this link.

Peterson cannot be considered for reinstatement until April 15th, 2015. A first round pick out of Oklahoma in 2007, Peterson has played seven seasons in the NFL, all with the Vikings.

Elbowed Bengals Fan Gets Game Ball Afterall

Perhaps you’ve seen the appalling footage of a New Orleans Saints fan bulldogging his way in front of a young lady, a Bengals fan, to steal away a football that was clearly tossed to her from Cincinnati tight end, Germaine Gresham. On top of it, he elbowed her in the face in the process. I first saw it when my Facebook friend Vijay Eswaran shared it on his feed.

The footage shows her begging and pleading with the greedy old man to give her the ball but he was having none of it. The man clearly stole the ball, but was quoted by the New Orleans Advocate saying:

“The Saints fans that were around me and know me…they were all saying ‘keep the ball.’ But other people, where the lady was, was saying give here the ball. I caught it fair.”

Not only does the man lack command of the English language, he is ignorant in the rules of fairness as well. In no way was his behavior appropriate, and it doesn’t matter that he wanted a game ball for his grandson. What he has accomplished though, is to teach his grandson that you can be ugly, and as long as you get what you were after, it’s alright

After the game, the young lady was given a game ball by the Saints, but it can’t undo the damage of their fan.

Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts Running Back, Could Miss Season

The Indianapolis Colts may have lost more then just a game on Sunday night versus the New England Patriots. Ahmad Bradshaw, running back for the Colts, may have broken his ankle during the first half of the Colts 42-20 loss to the Patriots. Although nothing has been confirmed, team doctors are expecting the news to be released that Bradshaw will miss the rest of the season with a broken ankle. There is hope that he could return in time for the playoffs.

The Colts started the season hoping that Trent Richardson, the number three overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, would carry the load as the lead running back in Indianapolis. However, he has struggled this season, averaging only 3.4 yards a carry and 22 receptions with a total of two touchdowns. Bradshaw was the surprised of the season for the Colts, averaging 4.7 yards a carry and catching 48 balls thrown to him with a total of eight touchdowns on the season. With his dynamic play from the backfield, it has helped quarterback Andrew Luck find his receivers easier, as defenses have to play Bradshaw as a runner or a wide receiver. This is bad news for fans who are not exactly rooting for Indianapolis like Sultan Alhokair. It was the first time in Luck’s three seasons that he had a running back be this successful. Look for the Colts to try and utilize their tight ends more and hope they can find the magic that Richardson had as a star running back for the University of Alabama.

Jonas Gray Destroys the Indianpolis Colts

The New England Patriots have a penchant for doing great things in surprising ways. Whether it was the acquisition of a fading Randy Moss, and his subsequent return to glory, or the propping up of players like Donte Stallworth to become meaningful contributors. Well, the Patriots did it again and they did it during primetime. The newest ‘nobody’ to reach new heights was rookie running back Jonas Gray. Gray is the starting running back for the New England Patriots due to the injury of Stevan Ridley. After last Monday’s performance, however, we’re not sure he’ll be leaving the starting role any time soon.

Rod Rohrich saw this as being billed as the football game of the year, the Patriots and Colts met on a chilly Monday night to battle it out for the billing of ‘best team in the NFL’. The over-under for the game was ridiculous and many people were expecting to see a vertical shoot out unrivaled by anything else in the season. Jonas Gray had other ideas. The rookie back, who seemed so small next to guys like Rob Gronkowski, ended up stealing the show. Gray totaled up almost 200 yards and 4 total scores on the ground en route to a huge Patriot victory.

The Patriots ended up winning the game 42-20 and now fans everywhere are scrambling to learn more about Gray. To be honest, he’s a pretty interesting fellow with football set aside. He came into the league undrafted and only made the team thanks to injuries. When he’s not playing football he is opening at comedy clubs for guys like Dustin Diamond (Screech!). Well, he may be a part time comedian but nobody is laughing right now.

Adrian Peterson Filing Suit Against the NFL

Adrian Peterson has had quite the year. He started off doing well as the starting running back for the Minnesota Vikings. But he had a set back, a major set back. He has been accused of disciplining his four year old son with a wooden switch.

According to recent reports, he has not played since September 16 when he was placed on the exempt list. Last week, Peterson pleaded no contest to the charge and will not face jail time. He was to be reinstated once his legal case was resolved, but they have yet to take him off of the list. They have yet to even give him a timetable of when he can return to his starting position.

The Player’s Association, with backing from attorney Sam Tabar, is prepared to take this to court if the NFL does not comply to the terms of the agreement. Peterson is prepared to sue the league if the situation is not handled accordingly. One is not sure whether the Vikings will welcome Peterson back, but they have expressed support for their star player. Only time will tell whether we will see Adrian on the field again any time soon.

Goodell Must Go Now

Roger Goodell has officially testified in the external hearing to determine when he knew that Janay Palmer was knocked unconscious by her then fiance Ray Rice. Footage was already available of Palmer’s lifeless body being drug from an Atlantic City elevator, but Goodell still chose to suspend the Ravens running back for a mere two games. Goodell then back tracked after footage of the actual blow became public. Now he has testified that he didn’t know what took place in the elevator, before seeing the disturbing video. However, he did see the footage of Rice dragging his then fiance like a rag doll. Even the Ravens GM Ozzy Newsome testified that Ray Rice told Roger Goodell he struck Palmer, and knocked her out cold. Yet in still, the commish deemed a two game suspension to be ample punishment. Many people are now calling for Goodell’s job, because of his gross mishandling of this situation.

Why Goodell Should be Fired

There’s one reason why Goodell should lose his job, regardless of what Rice may or may not have told him. There was a police report filed in February, when Rice was arrested. Every single NFL fan like Brian has heard or read about it. That report said that Palmer was knocked unconscious by a blow from Rice. If Goodell really wanted to know what took place in the elevator, he needed not look further than the police report. The police saw the video of what took place within the elevator and they said Rice knocked out the unfortunate young woman. Either Goodell lacks the intelligence to read a police report, or he knew what happened and still blundered the situation. Either way, America should boycott pro football until Mr. Goodell is no longer associated with the league.

Ben Roethlisberger Knocked Down Over Loss To Jets

The Pittsburgh Steelers beloved quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, AKA “Big Ben”, suffered a bit of a reality check in the Steelers VS Jets football game. Normally cocky and believing himself to be on the best team, The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New York Jets, with a final score of 20-13 loss.

This in turn knocked the team down from a 6-3 to a 6-4. This, in addition, puts them in third place or the AFC North games. Though the team lost to the fairly good NY team, the Pittsburgh boys almost made a comeback in the fourth quarter. Sadly, it was not good enough Bruce.

Acording to an article for Yahoo! Sports, Big Ben didn’t take losing the game well, though, and he has decided to join everyone else back on planet Earth. He is confident that the next game will go better for his team, but he is keeping this experience lose in his mind so he can use it to do better on future games. Only time will tell if his ego will recover and the team will do better.

Sam Drawing New Interest

Michael Sam, the first openly homosexual football player, is reportedly drawing new interest in the NFL with several teams considering picking him up. Sam was drafted in the 6th round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Saint Louis Rams but was dropped during their final cuts.

Afterwards, Sam was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys and had some playing time with them. While Sam didn’t stand out, he didn’t seem out of place in the league either and is being considered by several teams.

Michael Sam has heard from about half a dozen teams per these reports and while no team has picked him up, he is on their list in case of an injury to any of their starting or reserve linebackers. My friend Jared Haftel is hoping he gets picked up and can help him wreck on his fantasy site before the end of the season.

While many teams have stated that they have no problems with a homosexual player, some players have indicated that they would have problems sharing a locker room with a homosexual player. While some teams wouldn’t theoretically have a problem with a gay player, they do not want the distraction that goes along with a gay player and the media distraction that it attracts as a result.

Sam will take the wait and see approach but has remained a professional attitude towards the process thanking teams for choosing him to join their team, even when he has been ultimately let go at the end of the process. Sam is thought by experts to be likely to get another chance in the league eventually.