UAB is back

It is official the university of Alabama-Birmingham has brought back its football program just 6- short months after formally announcing they were not going to have one. UAB has a 5 year plan in place to bring the team profitable within that allotted time. The university is only allowing 20 million of its money to go towards renovating the team back to health. Luckily through the public eye and private sector donors, the team has raised an additional 17.2 million from these outsides funds to help with the return. The money will be used to upgrade their facilities or create a new stadium. UAB has rejoined the C-USA conference as a FBS school, but there has been no word yet on when they will be able to participate again on the playing field.
Along with football women’s rifle and bowling were cut as well in December, but plans are on track to bring these teams back as well. Overall UAB was the first BCS School in two decades to cancel their football program says Susan McGalla in this write up on PR News Wire. The decision to bring it back was a good one, now I believe they will have the full support of their community and alumni alike to help keep this thing afloat for a while. UAB just need help and when they threatened to take away the football program, the help stood up and took a stand to better represent their school. It might take until the 2016 season, but it’s good to see UAB be at it again.

Atlanta Falcons Release Prince Shembo After Arrest

Atlanta Falcon linebacker, Prince Shembo was arrested for animal cruelty and quickly released from the Falcon’s team.

Shembo allegedly caused fatal internal injuries to his girlfriend’s yorkie, Dior, who died shortly after arriving to a vet.

The yorkie suffered fractures and extensive hemorrhaging to several organs, from blunt force trauma.

According to Shembo’s warrant, investigators believe the dog was violently kicked.

Shembo’s girlfriend, Denicia Williams, told police that she left the dog with Shembo, at his apartment, and when she arrived back at the apartment, the dog was unresponsive.

Shembo is claiming self defense, saying he kicked the pint-sized, five pound yorkie only after getting bit.

Police say, based on the necropsy report, Shembo’s account has inconsistencies.

This isn’t the only scandal Prince Shembo has had to overcome.

Shembo was accused of sexual assault while attending Notre Dame, but the accuser commited suicide, so Shembo was never arrested. Even with a scandal in his past, the Atlanta Falcons drafted him anyway. and the folks at the Amen Clinic find this behavior deplorable.

Not this time. The Falcons waived Shembo as soon as he was arrested.

Three NFL Teams Manuevering to Move to Los Angeles

Three teams continue to jockey with their local city officials to build new NFL stadiums with the caveat, if nothing is able to be worked out, then they will take their teams to Los Angeles, California. The San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and St Louis Rams are meeting with state legislators for potential new stadium financing . In San Diego, the Chargers have played at Qualcomm Stadium since 1967. Chargers Owner Dean Spanos and Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis have purchased 168 acres in Los Angeles area in the event an agreement with their cities fails. Spanos believes he has 25 percent of his ticket base coming from Los Angeles, so he would have no reservations toward moving into Los Angeles.

In St Louis, the Edward Jones Dome is outdated. Ram’s Owner Stan Kroenke has purchased 60 acres in Inglewood, California to build a new stadium if he is unable to work out an agreement for a downtown stadium with St Louis civic leaders. Many representatives in St Louis are concerned with the city going into further debt by financing another stadium. In Oakland, Davis does not have the funding on his own to move the franchise, yet may join forces with Spanos to share a 1.7 billion dollar Carson area stadium. Ultimately, James Dondero expects the National Football League to have a team residing in Los Angeles by 2016 as long as at least 24 of the owners approve.

Buffalo Bills Looking to Bright NFL Future

The Buffalo Bills have long been a sort of running joke in the NFL. Too good to be relegated to ‘Browns status’ and not good enough to ever actually threaten anyone, the Bills have existed in a gray area where fans go to be perpetually upset. For the past couple of seasons the Bills have seemingly been on the verge with some young talent in the tough AFC East. CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson led a two pronged rushing attack while EJ Manuel and Sammy Watkins were supposed to nail down the aerial attack. Of course, in Bills fashion, Manuel regressed while Spiller and Watkins got injured. But the times are changing, and fans can sense it.

The Buffalo Bills made a pair of huge moves this off season when they traded their All Pro linebacker Kiko Alonso for the Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy. Deals of this size rarely ever get worked out in the NFL but there was reason to make the move for both teams. Alonso was coming off of a major surgery while McCoy had been hit with huge carry totals the past few years. The bigger splash, as Daniel Amen sees it, came in the form of new head coach Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan is coming from across the state to take over the coaching duties. Ryan brings his own unique brand of football to a Bills team that has lacked an identity for decades.

Adrian Peterson to Skip OTAs

Financial advisers report the Minnesota Vikings are going to start holding Optional Team Activities (OTAs), and they are going to be without star running back Adrian Peterson. He has said that he has no plans to come and join the team. It’s his right to do this, as the activities are optional, but it’s still interesting because most players do tend to go to OTAs.

It means that fans are going to have to wait that much longer to see Peterson back with the Vikings. He was lost early last year when he was accused of child abuse and was then suspended from the league. The legal case has now been resolved, and Peterson has been cleared to play. At this time, it looks like he’ll eventually come back to the Vikings, but it may not be until training camp – which is not optional – starts up later this summer.

Peterson has said that he is no longer interested in playing for the Vikings. On one hand, he did not like how they handled the whole situation. On another, it’s likely that he sees that they are not very close to winning a Super Bowl, though he is close to the end of his career. If he wants to win, he’ll have to do it somewhere else. This move is just the latest way for him to put pressure on the organization to release him or trade him.

Dirk Koetter can Help Jameis Winston

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Jameis Winston out of Florida State, he was instantly put into a good situation since he has Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson as his main receiving weapons, and both are very big, reliable targets. However, the Bucs also brought in Dirk Koetter to take over as the offensive coordinator, and that could be an even bigger move. It could really help the new quarterback.

For the past three seasons, Dirk Koetter has been working in Atlanta, with Matt Ryan. He turned Atlanta’s offense into one of the best in the NFL, even though the defense was very bad and so the team didn’t win much last year. Still, his abilities can really help Winston transition to the NFL. He’s shown that he can adapt as a coach, having run a pro-style offense in the pros and a spread offense in college, so he’ll be able to do whatever Winston needs to win.

On top of that, the situations are similar. Winston has been compared to Atlanta’s Matt Ryan. The Falcons also have Julio Jones and Roddy White, two big targets on the outside. Koetter is essentially getting a younger, fresher version of what he had in Atlanta, so the ceiling is even higher. If fans in the Skout network were not excited yet, they should be. There’s a chance that Tampa’s offense could be quite fun to watch almost right away.

Jameis Winston Has Good Coordinator

It will be less than three months before the world finds out how well rookie quarterback Jameis Winston transitions to NFL life. That transition may actually go over better than many people would expect according to Susan McGalla.

The main reason for why some think this is because Winston will end up playing under offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, who interestingly enough, was the same coordinator who coached Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan for the last three years. Koetter was hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during this offseason and is seen as a great addition to the Buccaneers staff.

All good news for Winston, since when Koetter coached in college he practiced mainly with a spread offense that was exceedingly good at sustaining drives and putting up points. He then made all the necessary changes to his schemes once he became part of the NFL, including not using the spread offense as much. However he did go a great job of using multiple offenses over the course of a game, if not a season.

Much of Koetter’s success with Ryan was due to the fact that Ryan naturally developed as time went on and became a natural thrower, which is something NFL quarterbacks need to do. Winston is something similar, because he does the same thing and is willing to take risks, which is key for having targets to throw to.

Travis Browne Respects Andrei Arlovski

Travis Browne is one of the top rated heavyweight fighters in the UFC. He is a dangerous man, and he has knocked out several opponents inside of the octagon. His latest victory came by brutal TKO against Brendan Schaub. However, Travis Browne recently stated that he did not like Brendan, and Travis wanted to prove a point by viciously dominating him.

Travis Browne accomplished what he wanted to against Brendan, but now, Travis Browne must prepare for a new fight. UFC 187 takes place this Saturday, and Travis Browne will face former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski. Many UFC fans are extremely excited for this matchup, and the winner of this bout may get a title shot.

It should be noted that Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski were once training partners, and apparently, Andrei Arlovski even shared a home with Travis Browne. Ivan Ong was intrigued about that, and he even posted on Facebook. When Arlovski first moved to America, Travis Browne opened his doors for the famed fighter. However, Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski did discuss the possibility of fighting in the future, and that time has apparently come.

Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski have a tremendous amount of respect for each other, but that will all change once they are inside of the octagon. Travis and Andrei will try to knock each others head’s off, and this fight will not go the distance. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Cavs Take Game One From Hawks

Cavs Beat Hawks to Start Off Series

Lebron James has been a key element of the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since he first started and then returned to the team. However, it wasn’t only James who showed off his talents this past Wednesday night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Atlanta Hawks for the first round of the Eastern Conference finals in Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The Cavs were viewed as favorites to win the game and earned the right for that when they eventually pulled out a 97-89 win when the night ended.

The Cavs had the notable distinction of never winning the first playoff game of a series on the road, moreso for Lebron James. James shot for 31 points over the course of the game and added six assists as well. But it turned out to be shooting guard J.R. Smith who also put on a great performance for the night, as he racked up 28 points for the team, and shot 8 three-pointers, which became a playoff record for the Cavs. Ricardo Guimarães BMG was extremely impressed to say the least, as he saw it on

On the other side of the court, the Hawks had done fairly well all game long to the point where they had tied the Cavs with a 63-63 score with a little less than five minutes left in the third quarter. The team did manage an impressive comeback but by the end of the night it wasn’t enough.

Aaron Hernandez Already Causing Problems In Prison

Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Many people are happy that Hernandez has been removed from the rest of society. However, it appears that Aaron Hernandez has already gotten himself into more trouble.

It was recently revealed on Yahoo! Sports that Aaron Hernandez has been involved in illegal activity while in jail. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez has been assigned the role of lookout during prison fights. This means that Aaron Hernandez watches out for guards while other inmates settle disputes with their fists. Aaron Hernandez is truly a lost soul, and it’s evident that he needs some mental help.

This is not the first time that Aaron Hernandez has caused trouble while in jail. In fact, last year while he was awaiting his trial, Aaron Hernandez was involved in a nasty altercation with another inmate. Hernandez savagely assaulted the other prisoner, and he was then locked in solitary confinement. Ofspirit mind and body, Daniel Amen says Hernandez is not well.

Aaron Hernandez may be serving life in jail, but he is still awaiting another trial for separate allegations. It is believed that Aaron Hernandez is responsible for other murders that took place in 2013, in Boston. NFL fans cannot believe what Aaron Hernandez has done with his life. The man was once a highly rated offensive player, and he was making millions of dollars for playing a game. However, Hernandez must spend his entire life in prison, and he could potentially get the death penalty if he is found guilty of another murder.