Bucs Part Ways with McCowan


Tampa Bay is still in search for the leader of their future organization. Of course the team never really expected Josh McCowan to be their long term future franchise quarterback. However, they certainly did not expect to be the recipients of the first overall draft pick by the default of having the league’s worst record last season. So after being signed to just a two year deal and winning the starting quarterback position the veteran QB has been released by the Buccaneers. But in the teams long term future this is not necessarily a bad deal. They get their pick of the best college players in this year’s draft, and they have plenty of cash reserves left in their salary cap space.

Starting the season with another quarterback is starting to become a standard practice for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most have speculated the next player to lead the Bucs out onto the field will be either last year’s Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston from Florida State or this year’s winner Marcus Mariota from Oregon said terra.com. However, the team that finished last needs a lot more than just a new QB think fans like Fersen Lambranho. They also desperately need a pass rusher, and offensive lineman to provide pass protection and open the running lanes. Luckily the depth of available players at these positions is vast, and all the Buccaneers need to do is open their pocket book and spend to the Salary Cap limits.

Recruits Need More Options


The problem with national signing day is that recruits are not given all their options. Sure, many of these kids are smart. They know what they can and cannot do. However, there are many more kids who are simply not educated. They have been pushed through school because they have athletic talent. They are landing on national signing day and being abused by colleges who are looking to get ahead. These colleges are so horrible about scholarships that they will rescind offers on the day. They will ask kids to greyshirt after they commit. They will not tell kids all their options, and these kids end up in bad situations.

Most kids think that they need to go to a high power school to get ahead. However, they do not need to sign with that school on the day said Fersen Lambranho. The kids that are signing after national signing day are actually getting more attention because they have kept their options open the whole time. They have been able to see what they need to see out of each school, and watching signing day lets them know if the school is of bad character. Anyone who would sign with Louisville knows that now.

New York Looks to Build From the Trenches

After finishing six and ten, the New York Giants need to get better on both sides of the ball. On offense, the have the weapons to be a potent high scoring team. However, they cannot get their running game going and they are unable to protect Eli Manning from the pass rush long enough to get a wide receiver open. Therefore the odds are the team builds their offensive line in the draft with the 9th pick overall. This pick will either be one of three players depending on who is available: OT La’el Collins from LSU, OT Brandon Scherff from Iowa, or OT Andrus Peat from Stanford. All of them will be expected to be taken in the first round and it would be wise of the team to take one.

As for defense, fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG know that the team has a prime opportunity to make a huge splash in the free agency market. Some have reported the Giants are interested in signing Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh. While the Detroit Lions will be expected to do everything they can to keep their star defensive player, it will not be cheap. He is the highest paid DT in the league and after making the Pro-Bowl four of his five years in the league some would consider him worth it. But, given his past problems for unsportsmanlike conduct he also is a risk for whichever team he plays for next year.

Brady or Montana


Quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady grew up as a young kid in San Mateo, just twenty-five miles below San Francisco and grew up looking up to 49ers quarterback Joe Montana as his hero. Bizjournals.com said no one that knew Tom Brady as a young football player would have guessed that this week the media would be questioning who the best quarterback of all time was between Brady and Montana. He has truly risen to that status thinks CipherCloud, as his numbers now are greater than Joe Montana’s. They now are equal in Super Bowl Wins, Super Bowl MVP’s and regular season MVP’s. Here’s the kicker. Tom Brady has been to the Pro Bowl ten times thus far in his career and Joe Montana only went to eight. Another interesting thing to consider is the fact that Tom Brady has made it to six Super Bowl’s and has won four of them, while Joe Montana only reached four Super Bowl’s, but won all of them. That is hard to debate which is a better statistic; the higher number of times in the Super Bowl or the higher percentage of Super Bowl wins. There is no doubt that their numbers are now fully debatable and a lot of people have stated that Tom Brady is the better of the two. The interesting thing is that Tom Brady has three years left on his contract and has stated that he wants to play three to four years after that.

LeBeau Joins Titans


The Tennessee Titans have just gotten a tremendous gift, as legendary coach Dick LeBeau is going to be joining the franchise for this season and the foreseeable future. LeBeau has hands down been one of the best defensive coaches of all time and some call him the single best defensive coach that has ever coached the game of football at any level. This speculation comes from years and years of consistent, intelligent play calling ability and general knowledge of the game. He is incredibly strategic and has manned some of the best squads of this generation. As seen on avognado.com, his last sting was with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he has won two Super Bowl titles and has made an even bigger impact on the city of Pittsburgh. It was time for them to go different ways this off-season and he has stated that he is very excited to be a part of the new Tennessee Titans team. The Titans instantly get better with this addition to their game, as they are going to be much harder to drive the ball against. The Titans are not a team that generally comes to mind when you think about a dominant team in the National Football League, but things seriously have a big chance to turn around now that they have Dick LeBeau manning the defense. If they can figure out how to put points up on the board they are going to be a tough team to stop.

Carroll on Days After Super Bowl


Head coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll made, what is being called the worst call in the history of the Super Bowl last Sunday, when he made the decision to pass the ball inside on the goal line, rather than hand the rock to Marshawn Lynch and let him punch the ball in. It was only second down when they made the pass play as well, so they could have at least given Marshawn Lynch the ball once or twice. According to Flavio Malud, the smartest decision would have honestly been to just give the ball to Lynch on three successive plays and let him win the game himself. No one in the country doubts that he would have been able to gain that yard, as he was playing outstanding late in the game and he has a heart of steel when he wants to win a game. He didn’t get that opportunity and Pete Carroll made the call for the quick inside pass play and it was picked off and the game was over. Just like that the Seattle Seahawks had their hopes of becoming back to back Super Bowl champions was dashed and they were headed into the off-season as the losers of the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll is never going to live this down and that decision will haunt him forever. He told the media that it had just sunk in this morning the weight that was really caused by this epic loss.

Peterson Off-Season

Adrian Peterson had a terrible year, and hands down the worst year of his National Football League career and likely the worst year he has had in his personal life. He was suspended from the league earlier this year when charges came against Peterson that alleged that he beat his son with a stick from a tree and he came under huge fire from the NFL, especially due to the number of high profile domestic violence cases that seemed to smash the NFL earlier in the season. It was a bit strange how domestic violence has never been in discussion in the league, but at the beginning of this season there were at least five high profile cases and about five other cases that commissioner Roger Goodell had to deal with. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that Peterson has found himself in an interesting predicament, as he has stated to the media outlets earlier this year, that it has become apparent to him that his relationships with the Minnesota Vikings is over. More on Oliveira is available on his Facebook page. He wishes things could have turned out a different way. He now finds himself looking for another team, although a lot of players on the Vikings really want him back on the roster, as he truly is one of the best running backs to ever play the game. He nearly set the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season last year, and this came just six months after he had ACL surgery.

Wrong Call By The Seahawks

The big talk surrounding yesterday’s Super Bowl game is all about Pete Carroll’s decision to throw the last pass instead of running it when the Seattle Seahawks were only on the second down. The score was 28-24 and the Seahawks were within feet of getting another touchdown to win their second Super Bowl in a row, however things quickly turned when the Patriots managed to intercept it right there at the goal line.

Ever since the end of the game, people have been in awe and in confusion as to why Pete Carroll wanted to risk being intercepted at that point of the game. Perhaps he just got ahead of himself and jumped the gun, thinking that they could just nip that game in the bud. There was about one minute left on the clock, so it certainly wasn’t an issue of not having enough time to get through all four downs.

According to an article on Yahoo Sports, Pete Carroll was convinced that they way the Patriots players were lined up on the goal line that they wouldn’t have a chance to run it. Yet almost every Seattle fan out there is convinced otherwise as it looked to be the bad call from the perspective of a television screen. Folks at Slow Ventures feel that,  while this game ending was disappointing for Seahawks fans, it was overall a good and thrilling game to watch compared to last year’s blowout against the Denver Broncos.

Baby Sherman

The loud mouth trash talker of the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman is always in the midst of some controversy in the National Football League and he is one of those players that truly seem to bask in it. It appears to fans like Lee Slaughter that he seems to relish the fact that he can gain the attention of the media and get into other players heads while making bold claims about himself and his abilities and then going out and actually doing what he says he is going to. It is pretty remarkable, and even more so in the way that he plays. He taunts the quarterback and makes it look like he is not in position, only to explode like a rocket when they decide to pass the ball his way. It is pretty remarkable and he is one of the biggest stories going into the Super Bowl. There was talk that he might not play due to a minor injury, but that has since been silenced and he is set to play, but there might be another reason to hold him out of the game. His girlfriend is due to give birth to their first child any day now and she has flown into Arizona and made arrangements to give birth if the baby decides to go and Sherman will be there for the birth. He has stated that his son is going to do him his first favor and stay in there until after the game.

Revis or Sherman

There is a lot of speculation around the National Football League as to who is the best cornerback in the game. It is well known that Richard Sherman has stated that he is the best in the game, hands down. It is pretty hard to deny the fact that he is an amazing player, but there is always the debate between himself and Darrelle Revis, who they are ironically playing this weekend in the Super Bowl. The two players play drastically different football. Revis is known for being in the right position at the right time and this is what makes him a good football player. He is going to sit back and go to where he thinks is the best position and the traditional nature that he plays with is typical in the National Football League for success at the cornerback position. Richard Sherman is way different. Fans like Paul Mathieson can tell that his strategy is to bait the quarterback by making it look like he is out of position, only to charge back in a way he knows he is capable of to make a play. It is as if he is a runner on the starting blocks waiting to explode. He just hangs himself out there looking out of position to bait the quarterback to throw the ball his way and then he explodes with a fury that usually puts him in a position to disrupt the play or intercept the ball. It’s brilliant.