Convicted Aaron Hernandez Involved in Prison Fight

It did not take former New England Patriot Tight End Aaron Hernandez to get into trouble in prison. Already convicted for murder and serving life in prison, Aaron Hernandez is being disciplined by prison officials for his part in an fight between two prison inmates. Reports reveal that Hernandez served as a look out while another inmate entered the cell of another and the two started to fight. Such actions resulted in Hernandez being sent to administration segregation and he could face further discipline after a hearing is conducted within the prison.

Many do not expect Hernandez’s life to get any easier. Life without the possibility of parole would be difficult for someone of Hernandez’s age and who has not yet turned 30 years old. Hernandez could end up spending the next fifty to sixty years of his life behind bars and such a sentence takes a toll on inmates in different ways. Some suspect that Hernandez has accepted his fate and that he has fallen into his old gang affiliations to be able to cope with the life ahead of him. His career in the NFL is over and he could have been celebrating a Super Bowl season with his former teammates instead of looking at the rest of his life in prison. The NFL nor the New England Patriots had any comments regarding Aaron Hernandez or his recent developments. Aaron Hernandez Involved In Prison Fight.

Take note, kids, it’s not cool to be a gangster! My buddy Bruce Karatz shared how sad he felt about this news, specifically that a man with such an opportunity to do unimaginable things and just falls back into his old lifestyle, it’s just so sad to watch (

Warren Sapp Agrees To Plea Bargain

Warren Sapp is one of the greatest football players of all time. His destructive tackling abilities made him known worldwide, and fans quickly followed him. His enormous size truly made him a force to be reckoned with.

Warren Sapp even won a Superbowl ring during his employment on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with coach Kevin Seawright. However, Warren Sapp recently found himself in a great deal of trouble. Last year, Warren Sapp was accused of beating a hooker, and he recently had court for the allegations.

The court offered Warren Sapp a tremendous plea bargain, and the ex NFL star quickly agreed to it. Warren must pay thousands of dollars to the two women, and he must complete several hours of community service. Also, Warren Sapp must go to counseling for solicitation, and failure to complete these tasks will result in 30-days in jail.

This entire situation has a completely ruined Warren Sapp’s reputation. Aside from embarrassment, Warren Sapp lost his job as a color commentator for the NFL. Fns of the sport are no longer loyal to him. For more information on this story, and to read the entire plea bargain that Warren Sapp agreed to, visit TMZ.

Brady Appeals Deflatgate Penalty

It was breaking news this week in the sports world when the whole “deflategate” issue came into light once again after we first heard about it in the start of the year. The quarterback for the New England Patriots Tom Brady has been accused with taking air out of the footballs during the AFC championship game, and was suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season. In addition to that, Brian Torchin noted that the New England Patriots lost some of their picks for the draft next year, all thanks to this issue.

According to an article written by Yahoo! Sports, Brady has officially appealed his punishment and the National Football League Players Association is backing him up 100%. I understand that a lot of people are upset by the fact that this is happening, but if he did break a rule then he should have to pay for it. After all, his team did win the Super Bowl this year and who knows what would have happened if all of the footballs were not tampered with. If he did not do the crime, then it is a huge bummer for Brady and his teammates to get their names tarnished in such a fashion. I think that they must have some kind of hard evidence that he had something to do with the deflating, or else how could they instill this penalty? The United States of America is a country where we are innocent until proven guilty.

Patriots Release Report to Counter Wells

The New England Patriots have released a rebuttal to the NFL and are ready for a fight. On Monday, the NFL handed down unprecedented punishment against the Patriots in response to Deflategate and the Patriots have decided enough is enough. Today, the team released their own report to counter NFL-appointed investigator Ted Wells and his findings. The NFL suspended quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the season, fined the organization $1 million, and stripped them of two draft picks. The penalty is one of the harsher in NFL history and comes at a time when the NFL has already taken shots for their lack of consistency during investigations.

After being scorched by the New Orleans Saints in Bountygate, Goodell’s reputation is in decline. This past season placed an even brighter spotlight on the league after the domestic violence cases of Ray Rice and Greg Hardy made headlines. The scandals put Roger Goodell on the hot seat and now one of the owners that vehemently defended him is speaking out against the commissioner. Kraft is standing behind his quarterback and Brady has until 11:59 p.m. ET to file his appeal that he may win. It all seems like a formality at this point and the NFLPA will join the fight. It is hard to believe that such a mess started over deflated balls during a blowout win over the Colts. and the folks at The Aspire New Brunswick wish this had never been an issue.

Tom Brady Suspended

The New England Patriots may be the 2015 Super Bowl champions, but they cheated on their way to victory. It was recently announced that Tom Brady was found guilty of hiding information surrounding the infamous deflate gate situation. If you haven’t heard by now, NFL fans, including Mark Ahn, have long believed that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were deflating the opposing teams’ footballs.

Apparently, crucial evidence has come forward, and it appears the Tom Brady and the Patriots were guilty of deflating footballs. New England Patriot fans are extremely angry and embarrassed with their home team. The NFL did not treat this offense lightly. Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the new season, and the New England Patriots have been fined $1 million.

The NFL organization is in an uproar right now, and many people feel that the New England Patriots should be stripped of their Super Bowl championship. Nonetheless, the Patriots still remain Super Bowl champions, but they have lost a lot of respect in the eyes of the public.

This entire situation reminds me of the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight. Tom Brady was interviewed during the big fight, and he said that Mayweather will do anything to win. That statement alone proves to me that Tom Brady is guilty of deflating balls. Tom Brady and Floyd Mayweather were victorious in the biggest events of their career, but they lost respect in the eyes of the public. For more information on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Jameis Winston Files Countersuit Days After Signing NFL contract

Jameis Winston, the number one draft pick in the 2015 NFL draft has filed a counter lawsuit. The countersuit stems from rape allegations levied against the start quarterback. The allegations go back to 2012, when the young woman, a university of Florida student at the time, alleged she was raped by Winston after a night of drinking in Tallahassee.

Winston’s countersuit is directly related to a lawsuit filed last month in Florida by the woman. Winston alleges that Erica Kinsman attempted to extort money from the then University of Florida quarterback. While Kinsman alleges the encounter happened in 2012, she didn’t go to the police until much later, after it became evident that Winston was NFL-bound, according to Winston’s lawyer.

Winston had more than one legal run in while attending the University of Florida. During his final year on the team, Winston was arrested for shoplifting at a local supermarket. He was also punished for several other public outbursts. Winston is set to start for the Buccaneers in the 2015 season. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital noted that Winston signed a contract with nearly $25 million earlier this week.

A More Honest Player

Russell Wilson is by far one of the NFL’s most honorable men. With his devote and vocal opinion on his faith, and with his work on and off of the football field, Russell Wilson is a man that even the fans of opposing teams have to respect. Sergio Cortes said that last weekend, Wilson was on a plane and headed back to his home team of the Seattle Seahawks. Unlike some superstars, Russell travels modestly and was boarding a commercially plane and was headed up to first class.

Before he could make it to his seat, he was distracted by a few colors. A man in dark green, tan, and brown colors caught Russell’s eye. Russell was more caught off guard by what this man was carrying: a huge and obviously heavy duffle bag. Russell realized that he was seeing a soldier who was carrying his own gear and headed back to the Coach section of the plane. Anybody who knows or has even heard about this man, knows that no part of him would let this slide.

The NFL Super bowl star politely excused himself and carried the bag for the soldier. He then ushered him up to first coach and told him that he should make himself comfortable before the plane takes off. The lucky soldier had no idea that Russell was serious. In a matter of minutes, the player was seated in first class and was on his way home. There are a lot of superstars, sports players, and celebrities who claim to be model citizens. Russell Wilson has gone above and beyond to prove how honorable he is. This man walks the walk and talks the talk.

Jeff Heuerman, 3rd Round Draft Pick Tears ACL at Minicamp

Ohio State’s Jeff Heuerman was plucked from the NFL Draft in the third round by the Denver Broncos just days ago, but now his season seems to be largely in the books. Heuerman, a much talked about tight end was expected to be an important part of the Bronco’s organization, but he has suffered a major knee injury.

According to Christian Broda, Heuerman suffered the knee injury at a minicamp on Saturday. He was transferred to the hospital for further testing, and results came back indicating a major injury. The tight end tour his ACL, an injury that will require surgical repair, and will force Heuerman to miss all of the 2015 season.

The Broncos have stated that they wish Heuerman well and anticipate that he will be back on the Broncos’ field next season. As it stands, however, Heuerman will have a long and arduous recovery. While ACL surgery is not uncommon and many players come back to play again, it is major surgery and can lead to some lingering pain and weakness. The injury occurred inside the Bronco’s training facilities.

Heuerman is not the first member of the draft class to fall to injury this week. The third overall pick from the draft, Dante Fowler Jr. also suffered and ACL injury this week. His season has also ended before it began.

NFL Releases Final Report on Deflategate

The official investigation into “deflategate” has finally wrapped up. Officials from the NFL released a report stating that Tom Brady was very likely aware that footballs used in their championship game against the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated. Jason Halpern remains skeptical about this scandal.

Brady has been vocal about the incident since the deflated balls were discovered. He noted, in a pres conference that he did not alter the balls in anyway, but went on to suggest it wasn’t really a big deal if they were deflated. Fans and Tom Brady opponents disagree, however.

The investigation also revealed that two members of the locker room staff were actually responsible for intentionally deflating the balls. Texts between Jim McNally and John Jastremski, both tasked with locker room and equipment responsibilities, show a concerted effort to deflate the balls prior to the game against the Colts. Hard feelings for Brady were also evident in the text messages exchanged between the two.

There is no word on whether or not Tom Brady will be punished for his knowledge of the incident, or if the NFL has decided Brady ordered the altering of the balls. The report did, however, absolve Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft of wrongdoing. The Patriots coach and owner have long maintained a united front, stating that neither had any knowledge of deflated balls before it was brought to their attention by the league.

Tampa Bay Officials Ask Jameis Winston to Remove His Instagram Photo With Him and the Crab Legs

After Jameis Winston was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the number one overall pick, he caused a bit of stir when he was photographed enjoying a plate of crab legs. While he apparently was making fun of the crab legs flap that he got into last year, Tampa Bay officials weren’t laughing and asked him to take the Instagram photo down. You can read more about Winston’s crab legs incident here.

The latest photograph shows Jameis Winston enjoying a plate of crab legs with the caption, “Thanks Capt. for the crab legs.” The captain was found out to be Keith Colburn of the reality show “Deadliest Catch.”

The photograph created quite a stir on social media, and about nine hours after Winston made the post he agreed to take it down. The LA Times and STX Entertainment agree with that sentiment. The 25 pounds of crab legs were apparently a gift to Jameis Winston’s family after he was drafted first overall. Although Winston did not refer to the previous incident with crab legs in the photo, apparently the brass of the Buccaneers thought it was in bad taste and had him take it down as soon as they became aware of it. One has to wonder if Winston ever guides his Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory if he will celebrate with crab legs then as well LOL.