Dallas Cowboys Sign Pass Rusher Greg Hardy Under Cloud

The Dallas Cowboys have recently signed former Carolina Panther pass rusher, Greg Hardy to a one year contract that is incentive based and could reach $13 Million dollars if the monster pass rusher is able to play for the full length of his contract. Greg Hardy was recently the subject of a criminal complaint involving alleged domestic violence against his live in girl friend last spring. A trial court had initially found him guilty but on appeal, the case was dismissed based on the lack of cooperation from the key witness, Hardy’s girlfriend. Cowboys Land Hardy

Marc Sparks said that the Cowboy have protected themselves by structuring the contract to payout on a game by game basis. Hardy is still listed on the NFL Commissioner’s Exemption List and Hardy could still be subject to discipline based on determinations by the Commissioner’s office which has not yet made a decision. Even though Hardy’s case was dismissed, he could still be fined or suspended under the NFL’s personal conduct policy established by the Commissioner following the fall out of the Ray Rice investigation.

If Hardy is able to play, Dallas has picked up a monster defensive player that it sorely needed. Dallas has been without a significant pass rusher since losing Demarcus Ware to free agency two years ago. Even though Dallas made it into the playoffs last year, its defense was the soft spot of the team and if greatly improved, Dallas would be a Super Bowl favorite.

Not So Fast, Adrian Peterson. You Might Be Staying in Minnesota After All.

Adrian Peterson’s season may get worse than better before it even starts. The battle has revved up this week as his agent has clearly said his running back doesn’t want to play in Minnesota anymore. According to USA Today, he has claimed that they want to get out of Minnesota. Although there has been many speculations regarding to this issue for several weeks now, there is no more room left for contemplating. The relationship seems to be completely over and Minnesota’s interests will probably lie in looking for a future starting running back to take Peterson’s place.

Wait a minute. Peterson doesn’t necessarily have a say in where he will play next season as he is under contract with Peterson until the end of the 2017 season stated wikipedia. The Vikings had made it clear that they want Peterson to come back and play for them this upcoming season and that they are not interested in cutting or releasing him. Therefore, as of right now it seems to be leaning towards Peterson playing out at least two more seasons with the Vikings unless their management team has a say in it. Let’s just hope that we are able to see the best of Adrian Peterson as he is one of the game’s greatest running backs to ever play.

Lions Don’t Give Up That Much to Get Ngata

As much as the other teams in the NFC North Division would like to think the Detroit Lions are not going to be as good as they were last year, the truth is that they will probably be even better now that Ndamukong Suh has moved on from the team and been replaced by Haloti Ngata from the Baltimore Ravens. But at the same time, the Lions may have traded away too much by sending out their 4th, 5th, and 7th round selections to the Ravens. Some would call this move insane in that the team gave up three college prospects for one veteran, even if it is a five time pro-bowler. But he will lead that Defensive Line in a way that Suh wasn’t able to and his playoff experience and leadership will undoubtedly be called on to get them over the playoff hump.

From the WetSeal Inc, many are suggesting that it really comes down to is this, just because you are a marquee player in the league doesn’t mean you cannot be replaced. Another indicator that how limited your time can be on top a player only needs to look at the first ever veteran combine…all of these guys are itching for a way to get back on a team and play in the league again. Never mind the upcoming draft of rookies and all the other undrafted kids from college. When it comes to talent there is no shortage of players, but there is a shortage of salary cap space and roster space. So Detroit fans should not get too upset by losing three draft picks, there is plenty of other ways to get the guys you need.

Tebow efforting to get back into the NFL

Former Denver Bronco and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is still trying his best to get back into the National Football League (NFL). On Monday, March 16th, Tebow was working out for Chip Kelly, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Tebow has not played in the NFL since being cut by the New England Patriots in August 2013 . For the past year, Tebow has been working as a color commentator for ESPN. His career encompasses nine games in Denver, and a few plays with the New York Jets. Tebow was a first round draft pick in 2011, and took over as the starter in Denver after a poor start to the season.

Tebow’s issue has been accuracy, including a 46.5 percent completion rate. So in order to correct, Tebow hired on the services of Tom House, who is based in California, and also has worked with Tom Brady. House noted to Fox Sports that he believes he has corrected Tebow’s throwing motion. In order to do so, House worked two and a half hours, three times per week, so Tebow’s throwing mechanics could be corrected . In the end, House notes that Tebow has over 10,000 reps using the corrected motion. Getting the ball out quicker was the goal, and House’s coworker Adam Dedeaux reiterated Tebow’s ability to spin the ball is much improved, which will result in better accuracy. Philadelphia has chosen to not sign Tebow thus far which has fans like Alexei Beltyukov wondering how the 2015 season will end up.

Tim Tebow Gets Workout With Eagles

Former quarterback for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow, was brought in to workout with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, a source confirmed, yet the team says they have no plans of signing him right now.

Tebow was a first-round pick to the Broncos in 2010, last played in 2012 for the Patriots, and is now looking for his return to the NFL.

The former winner Heisman Trophy led the Broncos to a playoff victory in 2011 and landed on the New York Jets for the 2012 season.

While playing for the Jets, Tebow was aligned behind Mark Sanchez, TheRealDeal even reported that the starting quarterback, and participated in 12 games, throwing for 39 yards with 32 carries for 102 yards and no touchdowns.

Prior to the start of the 2013 season, Tebow signed a contract with the New England Patriots training camp, however, he failed to make the 53-man roster after completing 11 of 30 passes for 145 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in three preseason games.

Currently, Tebow is an analyst for the SEC Network and his contract does not prohibit him from pursuing opportunities to return to the NFL.

Ben Roethlisberger Inks 5 Year Deal

Love him or hate him, Ben Roethlisberger is about to get paid in a big way. The QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers has long been one of the most divisive players in professional sports thanks to the sexual assault allegations that have followed him throughout his career. Roethlisberger has been quiet on that front for quite a few years now and it seems like it has faded far enough that fans only recall him for his championship winning ways. And it is those winning ways that got the main paid, big.

The Pittsburgh Steelers juts announced that they signed ‘Big Ben’ to a five year contract worth anywhere from $99 to $108 million dollars, and Dan Newlin says according to escalation clauses for certain things like winning x amount of games. Roethlisberger took to the podium to announce how pleased he was to be back in Pittsburgh. “This is where I want to be.” He told fans. Roethlisberger went on to explain how he thought that the deal was “Incredibly fair for both sides” and that the plan was to add more Lombardi Trophies in the near future.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have only racked up two Super Bowl wins since the early 1970’s and both of those titles came with Big Ben at the helm. Roethlisberger is an 11 year veteran who is coming off of an incredible Pro Bowl season in which he threw for almost 5,000 yards.

Mike Wallace heads to Minnesota.

The Minnesota Vikings will probably be the first team to admit that they are a long way off from where they want to be said Marcio Alaor BMG. Last season the Vikings ended up mired in a whole scandal with Adrian Peterson that quickly over shadowed some of the good things they were doing on the football field. It seemed like Jerrick McKinnon might be able to take the next step out of the back field. It also seemed like Teddy Bridgewater might become a competent QB. In order to give their young studs another weapon, the Vikings made a move this past week.

After releasing Greg Jennings from the team, Minnesota desperately needed another play maker to help spread their offense out. With no big threat out wide opposing defenses would be able to key in on the running game, which would already be struggling with Adrian Peterson presumably off of the team. So Minnesota sent out a 5th round pick to the Miami Dolphins in order to nab Mike Wallace.

Wallace was one of the higher paid wide outs last season but he most certainly did not live up to the paycheck. Wallace had 862 yards to go along with 10 touchdowns and a couple of sideline meltdowns. He will bring a questionable attitude with him to Minnesota to go along with his elite speed and playmaking ability. We’ll have to wait and see how this works out for both teams.

Demarco Murray Signs with Eagles

Demarco Murray the former Dallas Cowboys running back is staying in the NFC East division but is jumping ship to an nemesis, the Philadelphia Eagles. Murray signed a 5 year $42 million deal with the Eagles today and will be part of what is turning into an expensive and crowded backfield with both Darren Sproles and newly signed Ryan Matthews formerly from the San Diego Chargers competing for snaps.

Dallas was faced with an interesting situation coming into this offseason. Investors say they are already tight against the cap, both Murray and wide receiver Dez Bryant were unrestricted free agents. Dallas had to choose and decided to use the franchise tag to lock in Dez Bryant, which alienated and offended Murray. Murray was offered a deal that amounted to $5 million a year which was offensive to him as the league leader in rushing yards during the 2014 season.

Meanwhile the Eagles had some room at the running back position in 2014 after trading away star running back Lesean Mccoy to the Buffalo Bills in what coach Chip Kelly called a salary cap move. When announcing the Murray signing Chip Kelly, who was recently given control of personnel, indicated that he viewed the signing as having gotten Murray and linebacker Kiko Alonso for Mccoy.

Murray said the move to the Eagles was not just a move to make more money but rather to join a team that can not only get to the Super Bowl but also win it.

Jimmy Graham is a Seahawk!

The National Football League is supposed to be at its most exciting point during January and the Super Bowl. That hasn’t been the case this year. March has been all the rage as the 2015-2016 NFL free agent market kicked off with a huge bang. Starting off the blockbuster deals and signings was the trade that sent shockwaves around the world:superstar Jimmy Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s been no secret that the New Orleans Saints have been struggling to fix what is clearly a broken team in these past few years as many have shared on slideshare.net. New Orleans has failed to really push their way forward in a division that seems intent on giving them every opportunity to do so. Still, Jimmy Graham was considered one of the cornerstone pieces of a franchise that was based around physical, fast paced offense. Graham, at 28 years old, already has 386 catches for 4,752 yards and 51 scores in his first five NFL seasons. He’s a match up nightmare and one of the few truly physical freaks in the NFL.

In exchange for Graham the Saints picked up a pair of draft picks as well as pro bowl center Max Unger. Unger has struggled with health in recent years but he is a young and elite center when he is on the field. The hope for New Orleans is that Unger can return to health and nail down a line in order to protect Drew Brees.

Back Injuries That Harm Athletes

Many athletes have lumbar spine injuries that are caused by muscle sprain or strain. Some individuals also gain severe injuries, such as spondylolistheses, factures, and herniated discs. When athletes experience any of these injures, North American Spine doctors examine each area of the back carefully. Before an athlete can return to the field or court, the lumber spine must be strong enough so that it can withstand intense impacts.

Understanding the Risks

There are numerous adolescents and adults who play sports that cause low-back injuries. Football players often experience overstretching, bruises, and various degrees of tearing along the paraspinal soft tissue.

There are only a small amount of injuries that threaten athletes if they continue to play aggressive sports. Since lumber spine injures don’t harm the spinal cord, the symptoms are not usually severe. Usually, athletes only experience nerve root impingement or pain.

Athletes who are more prone to low-back injury typically have long trunks. Activities that involve jumping, twisting, and repetitive hyperextension have increased risks of lumber spine injuries.

At North American Spine, doctors rehabilitate patients by correcting any defects. Doctors see higher injury rates in gymnasts, rowers, wrestlers, and football players.

Post Surgery Information

After surgery, North American Spine specialists recommend helpful devices that help patients during their recovery. Following some surgeries, the process of sitting on a toilet can be difficult. A toilet riser is an ideal solution for this problem. It is a plastic circular seat that is around eight inches and fits securely on a toilet seat. Patients who have a prescription can purchase this device from a rehab supply store. In some cases, an insurance company may provide cover the cost.

Athletes who injury their backs visit North American Spine clinics because the doctors are seasoned and knowledgeable.  They are a well known staple of the Dallas community, receiving several awards for their contributions.