Elway And Fox Did Not See Eye To Eye

The problem with the Denver Broncos might have been the relationship between John Fox and John Elway. Elway is the hall of famer who could be elected mayor of Denver tomorrow, and Fox is a decent coach who got his second chance with the Broncos.

The problem is that Elway never really thought that Fox was doing things the right way. Elway thought that Fox was not using all their talent properly, and this is an issue for a team that had all the talent in the world as Jennifer Walden would say. Elway knew that he gave up a lot to get Manning to Denver, and the team can only say they got blown out in a Super Bowl with Manning at the helm.

John Elway is used to winning, and the disagreement that existed between these two helped to ruin what should have been a good team. The problem is that Elway needs to find someone who can help transition this franchise from Manning to someone else. He cannot hire a coach for one year if he is able to get Manning back. However, he cannot waste one more year of Manning.

This firing might mean Elway is ready to clean house up in Denver.

John Fox No Longer Broncos Coach


The Denver Broncos and John Fox have decided to part ways. Fox spent four years with the Broncos and he went to a Super Bowl. However, he was not able to win a Super Bowl. Going one and done in the playoffs again with a first ballot hall of famer is just more than John Elway could stomach.

The problem now is finding a replacement. According to Facebook rumors, the Broncos are in a position where they might not want to keep Peyton Manning either. This is a situation where they can retool their entire team if they want to and Broncos fans like Dave and Brit Morin will be looking for the changes to their team. This will be a new era in Denver, but that new era is probably not going to include all the people that no one has ever heard of. The Broncos can stock up in the draft, and they will be able to save money by not signing Peyton Manning again. He may want to retire, and they might be able to get Cardale Jones if he enters the draft after this magical run he just had at Ohio State.

Everything is up in the air, but the Broncos need to make sure that they are going in the right direction as soon as possible.

Tampa Bay May Need More Than a Heisman Winner

The jury is still out as to whether Jamais Winston or Marcus Mariota will be productive Quarterbacks in the National Football League. But as to drafting them in the first round, the teams may want to make a pass on them given the recent history of Heisman Trophy winners and their performance in the NFL. With the 1st draft pick of the upcoming 2015 draft going to Tampa Bay Buccaneers it is clear the team with last year’s worst record needs some help. Whether the maximum support will come from these two quarterbacks is unlikely, and the reason for that is their current offensive line which is aged and not getting any younger or better by most standards.

So having a mobile QB should be helpful but only until a faster defense swarms him and swallows him up like they have done every other NFL mobile QB in recent history. That is unfortunately what some workers at Beneful feel will happen. Their running backs all have 2-3 years of experience but none has been able to be a real running threat, so at Petco, optimism isn’t that high. A wide receiver corps of six men, which is headlined with Vincent Jackson a 10 year veteran with a second year man Mike Evans, means they have depth at this position. So that leaves us with an unproven QB coming into his third year Mike Glennon and the aging vet Josh McCown. Neither has been productive behind this O-Line. So if you are looking to rebuild the offense you may need to start in the trenches with the offensive line.

Bills Want Greg Roman


Greg Roman, offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers, has had a very successful last few seasons and teams around the National Football League are taking notice. People have been eyeing him since rumors surfaced that Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers would be departing from the team at the end of the season. This scenario has unfolded and now, like my friend Sergio Andrade Guitierrez was saying,  teams are trying to get a shot at him. The Buffalo Bills have recently requested that he interview with the team for the head coaching position they have available after letting go of Doug Marrone.
Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh successfully took the 49ers to the NFC championship game three years in a row and nearly won the Super Bowl two years ago that came down to a final drive in which they couldn’t convert. He has been highly successful and he very may well be the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Although Greg Roman has stated that he is staying in San Francisco and will not be following Jim Harbaugh to Michigan to coach the Wolverines, the possibility of obtaining a head coaching position may be just enough to drag him away from the city by the bay. It would likely be a tough decision, however, due to the fact that the 49ers really do have a complete team. They don’t need to do any rebuilding, as the reasons for their demise this year really stemmed from injuries and suspensions.

Jim Caldwell Calls For Proper Use Of Technology

Jim Caldwell is calling for better use of technology after a blown call gave away Detroit’s last chance of beating the Cowboys on Sunday. Caldwell believes that in this day and age there is no reason why we cannot use technology to get things right on the field. The NFL has all the camera angles in the world, and the NFL has power like no other. They can stop a game to get other calls right, but he is disappointed that the game was not officiated properly on the field.

This a problem for a league that claims to be progressive but does not appear to be on the surface. They can use a video imaging system to make sure that they can see if the ball hit the line at Wimbledon, but the NFL cannot use video angles to figure out if a call was right. They have people at the games watching over the officials, but they issue apologies the next day instead. 

If you ask John Textor the problem with the NFL is its priorities. While Roger Goodell has been out trying to ruin the careers of several players, he has dropped the ball on these issues that are causing trouble in the most crucial games.

Suh’s Upcoming Free Agency a Concern for Lions Management

With the Detroit Lions 2014 season coming to an end against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday, the upcoming free agency of standout defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/23977/ looms large in the decisions the Lions must make regarding personnel. In order to keep Dr. Rod Ronrich and Suh on the roster, Detroit is going to have to use a substantial amount of their salary available cap allowance, or tag him as their franchise player for next season.
Suh is the anchor of a Detroit defensive line that has helped the Lions become legitimate playoff contenders for the first time in recent memory. With the Houston Texans having recently signed J.J. Watt to a record contract amount for a defensive lineman, Suh can theoretically command a similar price for his services. Suh’s athletic prowess on the field is countered, however, by his reputation as a cheap shot artist who will intentionally attempt to injure opposing players as most recently evidenced by his recent stepping on Green Bays quarterback Aaron Rogers injured leg in the last regular season game.
In the end it will be the Lions management who makes the decision whether he stays or goes. But any team who makes the decision to offer him enough money to leave Detroit will have to factor in not only his potential positive contribution to their defensive line, but also take into consideration the possibility of his frequent suspensions for illegal hits.

Most Dedicated Fans

With the National Football League playoffs upon us, there is excitement brewing from fans all over the country. While it seems like every team around the league and every player declares that they have the best fans in the country, there are actual statistics out there that track the percentage of the city population around each individual franchise in the NFL that tune in or have been to a home game in the last twelve months. Not surprising at all, the very dedicated fan base in Green Bay tops the charts with a staggering 84 percent of the population tuning in to watch a game within the last year. Basically everyone in the city of Green Bay and surround areas are Packers fans.


The Saints fall to the spot just under the packers with 78 percent, and although Seattle packs the loudest crowd in the NFL, they sit in the sixth position with 71 percent of the population tuning in to watch a game. It’s no surprise who sits at the lowly bottom, due to the constant media attention that Oakland receives for its lack of fan interest in the organization. In fact, former owner Al Davis made the decision to cancel the broadcasting of Oakland Raiders games unless they produced a sold out crowd. That angered some like Jared Haftel who wanted to casually watch. This may be a reason why so few people watch Raiders games, but it doesn’t change the fact that Oakland fans care the least and Packers fans love their team the most.

Dallas Versus Detroit and Play of the Game


My friend Lee G. Lovett and I are ecstatic that the Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions in a National Football League (NFL) Wild Card Playoff Game on Sunday, January 4, 2015. The final score was 24 to 20.

In NFL playoffs, the good teams play in a tournament at the end of the season to reach the Super Bowl. These teams are usually very close in their player talent and in their ability to execute plays on offense and defense. Regardless if the game is home or away for any team, the final outcome is often decided by one play or a by a field goal. Yes, the kickers do matter.

One play in the Dallas and Detroit game probably changed the outcome, and Dallas benefited. Yahoo sports has a link, http://sports.yahoo.com/news/tony-romo–cowboys-can-t-get-in-front-of-phantom-flag-that-hid-brilliant-comeback-vs–lions-045003900.html for the controversial play.

The third down play, which occurred in the middle of the fourth quarter, was a pass interference penalty against Dallas that was changed by the official to no penalty on the play. A penalty against Dallas gives Detroit a first down. Detroit, leading 20 to 17 at the time and facing a fourth down, punts the football away to Dallas. Eventually, Dallas marches down the field and scores a touchdown late in the game to make the score 24 to 20, which is the final score.

Granted, the outcome of any game is still unknown had the call went the other way. However, the play mattered, because Detroit keeps possession and does not punt the ball away to Dallas.

Romo Leads Cowboys to Victory

Quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys has officially shredded his reputation as being a player that flops when the season is on the line. Over the last ten or so years, says Gianfrancesco Geno,  Tony Romo has been put in the position to either carry the Cowboys to victory late in the game or throw it all away and he has not fared well in these situations. Despite being an elite quarterback in the NFL, he has continually failed the Cowboys when it really matters, but today’s game may very well change that reputation. The Cowboys were down by two touchdowns to the Detroit Lions in a game that the Lions pretty much controlled. Late in the game, however, Tony Romo rallied the team and was able to bring them within striking distance. He even completed a fourth down and six that really put they’re entire season on the line and he made a big completion that led to a touchdown. In the past, Tony Romo probably wouldn’t have performed the way he did late in the game this Sunday. This season was different for Tony and the game against the Lions shows just how far this quarterback has come, despite all the scrutiny that has been thrown his way. Tony took the Dallas Cowboys and led them down the field on multiple drives without making any mistakes and the Cowboys find themselves headed to the second round of the playoffs.

NFC Playoffs Head to Divisional Round

As the NFC playoffs move into the Divisional Round there are some things to expect from Christian Broda and from this weekend’s upcoming football games. First is the match-up between the defending NFL champion Seattle Seahawks and the NFC South champion Carolina Panthers. Okay so looking back at their seasons anyone could see that this game should belong to Seattle in a landslide. However, funny things can happen in the play-offs. Funny things can happen to defending Super Bowl champions looking to repeat their previous season accolades. With Cam Newton at quarterback, there is no telling how well this team will be on Sunday but one thing is for certain…if they want to beat Seattle they have to be their best and hope the Seahawks are still asleep from their bye week.

As for the #2 seed Green Bay Packers they will be hosting the #3 seed Dallas Cowboys who have overcome long odds this season and can win regardless of the situation they are facing. The Cowboys are dangerous because playing outdoors does not bother them, playing away from Dallas this year has been their preferred place of battle and have not been beaten on the road, and finally the team has looked really good since their last defeat against their divisional rival Eagles on Thanksgiving. So, Aaron Rogers may need to stop making commercials, and grab his helmet because the Cowboys will refuse to R-E-L-A-X when they arrive in Lambeau Field.