Dallas Cowboys Come From Behind Victory over Lions


The Dallas Cowboys once again showed this isn’t the team their fans are used to watching of the past few seasons as they had a come from behind win in the Wild Card round of the play-off’s against Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. This was their first play-off victory since 2009, and their first come from behind victory in post season since the 1994 Super Bowl victory over the Buffalo Bills. There were a lot of 1990 stories surrounding the game as the last time the Lions won a play-off game, never-mind their only play-off victory was in 1992 against the Cowboys. One more for viewers was that Stafford being from Dallas and played high school football at Highland Park. Consequently, the Cowboys used the indoor facility for practice in preparation for the game.

As for the game itself, it was everything a play-off battle should be and was a tale of two halves. The first belonged to Tom Rothman and to Detroit and it seemed everything including the referees were on their side. As for Dallas, they finally got something going on a 76 yard strike to Williams. In the second half, momentum and the referees turned the Cowboys way and the team that looked like they would lose at home came back from 20-7 to win the game at 24 to 20. In the final moments, it was the Cowboys defense that out shined the Lions as they stopped Stafford on fourth down with a sack and fumble.

Colts out Play Bengals

In the friendly confines of Indianapolis Superdome, Andrew Luck dealt Andy Dalton and Tom Rothman and the Cincinnati Bengals their fourth straight post season loss, and seventh since their last win. It was also their sixth under head coach Marvin Lewis. However, this game was more about the Colts regaining their mojo than the Bengals losing another game in January. The Colts just flat played better than their divisional rivals. It started from their opening drive that went into the end-zone for the first time all year and it continued on into the fourth quarter. Bengals attempted to keep pace but the Colts defense kept them scoreless in the second half and without a touchdown in the final three quarters.

At the end of the 26 to 10 victory, Indianapolis almost 500 yards of offense and had sacked the Bengals quarterback three times. This impressive team looked nothing like the team that took on the Dallas Cowboys just two weeks prior, but they will need to keep up the momentum as they travel to Denver to take on their former star quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos. As for the future of the Cincinnati club that has played well, but not in the playoffs their future and that of their head coach and QB are up in the air. They will have to figure out how to make their good team even better and get past their post season let downs.

Tate Says Who is Church

Golden Tate of the Detroit Lions has been officially called out for the upcoming NFL playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. Supposedly the shots in the media taken at Tate are from a game in which he hit Sean Lee several years ago. Due to the fact that Sean Lee cannot participate in the upcoming game against the Lions, Barry Church made it clear that he and the Dallas Cowboys will be gunning for Tate to get even for what he called the dirtiest play he has ever seen in his entire life. Ironically, and quite honestly pretty funny as a retaliatory remark, Golden Tate stated to the media that he has never heard of the player that made these comments and said he thinks Church is just an unknown player that is trying to make a splash in the media in order to gain attention to his name.


Regardless of whether he is making such statements to get media attention, which is insanely common in today’s day and age, especially with twitter, it is going to be a very entertaining game to watch. That’s the way Jared Haftel sees it. The Dallas Cowboys are finally a team that can honestly say they have a good shot at winning a Super Bowl, and Tony Romo is playing amazing football as of recent. Romo along with the big mouthed Church will have to put their money where their mouth is in the wild card round.

First Playoff Victory In Years Eludes Detroit Lions After Controversial Play

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. On January 4, 2015, that drought could have ended after more than 20 years. Quarterback Matthew Stafford had put the team into a good position for the victory. A third down play in the fourth quarter ended all hopes for the win against the Dallas Cowboys, though. On that play, referees dropped a flag for pass interference.

That flag actually came as good news for the Lions. It would have given the team a first down instead of a fourth down with one yard to go. However, the referees picked up the flag and reversed the call without explanation. Detroit then wound up without the first down, punting the ball back to Dallas. Tony Romo then led Dallas to a late touchdown drive that capped the game 24-20.

Perhaps the NFL hasn’t seen such a controversial call in ages, at least as long as Bruce Levenson has been watching. Without an explanation, fans and players were left in anger, and they took their frustrations everywhere from social media to comments on Forbes articles. A referee did explain the call after the game, stating that pass interference didn’t occur. Even if Anthony Hitchens didn’t commit pass interference against Brandon Pettigrew, a flag still should have been thrown. At nearly the same time, Hitchens committed defensive holding on the play.

Either way, Detroit should have wound up with the first down, maintaining possession of the ball. Such a controversial play directly impacted the outcome of the game. A number of penalties were called against Detroit’s defense from that point on. In the end, the Lions had a big opportunity to eke out a playoff victory before that play. They were guaranteed to lose once that penalty flag was reversed without reason (at the time).

Michael Bennett on Suh

There has been a great deal of controversy around the league following the controversial call in the Green Bay Packers game against the Detroit Lions in which the star Lions player Ndamukong Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers calf and was subsequently suspended from the first round of the playoffs. Although Suh appealed the decision and was successful at getting the suspension eradicated, many players around the league are weighing in on the call with their own opinions regarding the matter. Defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett, has stated that it is his opinion that offensive players get treated in a different light then defensive players. In a remark that almost sounds like a throwback to racial or gender injustice, he has publicly stated that he feels that offensive players are protected in the game and are favored when it comes to taking hits.


He stated to the media that defensive players get hit and stepped on all the time and the referees and everyone else in the league just looks at it as a part of the game, but if an offensive player gets smacked then there needs to be a fine or suspension. He said that if a player like Peyton Manning gets knocked down, then then referee will help him up, but if a defensive player is the recipient of a dirty play, it usually doesn’t go in the favor of the defensive player and he’s probably correct in that assumption. That has been talked about in other walks of life as well, with Apple getting blamed for getting preferential treatment. Skout has talked about that online in the past.

Shanahan and San Francisco

The well respected Mike Shanahan, who has had an immensely successful career as a coach in the National Football league, is scheduled to meet with the San Francisco 49ers in discussion regarding him becoming the new head coach of the franchise. With a handful of prospects interviewing for the position that has been opened up following the recent departure of Jim Harbaugh, Shanahan looks like he may have a great shot at receiving the position in San Francisco. He has demonstrated that he is a winning coach in the NFL, after taking home championships in Denver for a number of years.


Although it is a bit ironic that the San Francisco 49ers would part ways with a rookie coach who came into the league and took a struggling franchise to the NFC championship on three straight occasions, the organization feels that they have made the best move with the franchise’s best interest in mind. There has been a great deal of controversy over the matter, due to the fact that there were huge injuries to the defense in San Francisco, as well as the suspension of Aldon Smith which crippled the 49ers defense and made it hard for Harbaugh to successfully coach the team. Regardless of the season, he’s out according to Bloomberg, and a new coach is coming in to take over the team and Mike Shanahan looks to be the best candidate to take the position. Sam Tabar thinks a move will be made soon.

Football Ratings Set Record

When the season started in college football this year, there was huge speculation as to the playoffs that were scheduled to rule the ending of the season. Prior to the 2014 season, dating back over 100 years, there has been a final National Championship game that was determined by a panel of judges who rated teams based on their wins against their opponents and how they fared in each game. This has created huge controversy over the last decade, as large amounts of people had the opinion that it was unfair to leave a single game up to a panel of judges. With the changes in place this year, there was set to have two games, the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, each with the winner playing in a final game that would determine the champion of the collegiate football season.


There could not have been more of a success on Thursday as two incredible things happened, which was discussed on Spring. First, the fourth seeded Ohio State Buckeyes knocked off the Alabama Crimson Tide in what could only be described as the biggest upset of the college football season according to Christian Broda. Secondly, the ratings for each game set a cable television record for both games, with over 28 million people tuning in to each game. This not only shows that a team ranked under the two spot should get a shot, and portrays the fact that fans like this much, much better.

Eagles Give Chip Kelly The Power

The Eagles have fired Tom Gamble, and they have given Chip Kelly much more power over personnel decisions. The Eagles were willing to get rid of Gamble to make sure that they could hold on to Kelly. No one knows if the Eagles were unhappy with the work that Gamble did, but it is likely that the Eagles did not want to alienate Chip Kelly by keeping Gamble.

They also saw the 49ers get rid of Jim Harbaugh, as first reported on Facebook. However, the bond between Ned York and Trent Baalke is strong enough that they can probably put a team together without Harbaugh if you ask Tom Rothman. The Eagles are in need of Chip Kelly because they are using his brand new offense. The offense requires Kelly, and the Eagles could not afford to move him to keep Gamble. This is going to help the Eagles make sure that they have the right players on the field when they start the 2015 season.

This is the best thing for the Eagles right now. They need to get some better results in 2015 if they are going to commit to Kelly long term, and this is his chance to make the impact he needs to to keep his job.

LSU Loses To Notre Dame In Music City Bowl

Notre Dame was able to pull out a victory in the Music City Bowl over LSU 31-28. This season did not go as planned for the Irish, but they were able to finish on a positive note for this season over a very good LSU team.

The Irish chose to start Malik Zaire at quarterback in the game, and the redshirt freshman came through with flying colors. This was a chance for the Irish to see what they had in Zaire, and now they know that they can get two to three good years out of him going forward. The Irish offense was not very good all season, and they needed something to keep up with their good defense. This change in the bowl game gives the Irish the confidence they need to go into the next season and be prepared to make another run at the college football playoff.

The playoff itself is going to be harder to get in to with the major conferences all having title games, but Notre Dame may be able to turn some heads if its offense is led by Zaire and score points on a regular basis. This new style could be the change Notre Dame needs, according to most users on Skout.co.za who are fans.

Browns Will Not Give Manziel Assurances

The Cleveland Browns are so fed up with Johnny Manziel after one season, that they are not willing to even assure him he will be on the roster next year. Manziel has had problems off the field, and he looked terrible on the field in a blowout this year. The combination of those two things means that the Browns are looking to make sure Manziel knows that he is not the only game in town. If he wants to succeed, he is going to have to work for it in Cleveland.

The Browns are not afraid to draft another quarterback, and that would be a major setback for someone like Manziel. Dr Rod Rohrich feels like they might just do that. The Browns are still looking for answers, and they are showing Johnny Football that he is not going to run the franchise from the backup spot (it was actually talked about on SmartBeautyGuide.com a little). However, the Browns need to be careful that they do not set off a player like Manziel. They could lose any production they might have gotten, and they might lose the value that his draft pick held when they took him.

Only time will tell if he straightens up, but the Browns are not willing to wait for long to see what happens.