Back Injuries That Harm Athletes

Many athletes have lumbar spine injuries that are caused by muscle sprain or strain. Some individuals also gain severe injuries, such as spondylolistheses, factures, and herniated discs. When athletes experience any of these injures, North American Spine doctors examine each area of the back carefully. Before an athlete can return to the field or court, the lumber spine must be strong enough so that it can withstand intense impacts.

Understanding the Risks

There are numerous adolescents and adults who play sports that cause low-back injuries. Football players often experience overstretching, bruises, and various degrees of tearing along the paraspinal soft tissue.

There are only a small amount of injuries that threaten athletes if they continue to play aggressive sports. Since lumber spine injures don’t harm the spinal cord, the symptoms are not usually severe. Usually, athletes only experience nerve root impingement or pain.

Athletes who are more prone to low-back injury typically have long trunks. Activities that involve jumping, twisting, and repetitive hyperextension have increased risks of lumber spine injuries.

At North American Spine, doctors rehabilitate patients by correcting any defects. Doctors see higher injury rates in gymnasts, rowers, wrestlers, and football players.

Post Surgery Information

After surgery, North American Spine specialists recommend helpful devices that help patients during their recovery. Following some surgeries, the process of sitting on a toilet can be difficult. A toilet riser is an ideal solution for this problem. It is a plastic circular seat that is around eight inches and fits securely on a toilet seat. Patients who have a prescription can purchase this device from a rehab supply store. In some cases, an insurance company may provide cover the cost.

Athletes who injury their backs visit North American Spine clinics because the doctors are seasoned and knowledgeable.  They are a well known staple of the Dallas community, receiving several awards for their contributions.

Free Agent Signings Shake NFL Foundation

Outside of the excitement of the playoffs and the anticipation of the NFL Draft, the kickoff of NFL free agency is one of the most eagerly awaited period of time for football fans, especially fans of franchises that have big holes to fill in order to contend for a Championship next season.

According to Paul Matheison, some big ticket free agents are already off of the market. Randall Cobb eased the minds of Packer fans earlier this week when he resigned with Green Bay. As already reported by several sources. Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has agreed to a contract to join the Miami Dolphins next season.

Suh to Join Dolphins

Superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant of the Cowboys and pass rushing wizard Justin Houston of the Chiefs were both tagged as franchise players by their respective teams earlier this week which further thinned the ranks of available free agents. But there are still many attractive targets and role players that are still looking for new homes.

DeMarco Murray will be the top running back available and many teams with that need will be courting the Cowboys starting running back. Darrelle Revis will be a top attraction on the defensive side of the ball and is one of the last true shut down corners in the game.

NFL fans will be glued to their television and to the transaction wire as the top free agent draws are taken off of the board. It is a fun time to be a football fan.

Patrick Willis Expected to Retire

Those who know and love Patrick Willis will be sad to find out that the man is thinking of retiring from the sports world. Willis has played eight seasons with the 49ers and was drafted out of the Mississippi. The man is an NFL star and legend. It is no secret that his fans will be disappointed to see him leave if he chooses to do so. Last season, Willis played six games, however he was not able to finish out the season due to injury.

Only time will tell exactly when Willis will retire, though. The man still has time left on his five-year contract with the 49ers as AnastasiaDate users noted. He’s had great games in his career; this much is clear. The man has started 112 games, and he has 20.5 sacks that have been record. He only has 16 forced fumbles. Willis does have 5 fumble recoveries and eight interceptions.

One thing is certain: if Willis does decide to leave the world of football, the 49ers team will be missing a great player.

Willis Looks to Retire

49ers Linebacker Patrick Willis to Announce Retirement

Seven time Pro Bowl Linebacker, Patrick Willis is expected to announce his retirement from profession football. He is only 30 years old. The story was first reported by Yahoo News on Monday morning.

Willis played his full eight year career with the San Francisco 49ers. He was drafted in 2007 with the 11th pick overall from the University of Mississippi. Among his many college awards, he won both the Dick Butkus and Jack Lambert Awards as the best linebacker in college football during his senior year.

He began his pro career under the tutelage of Hall of Fame middle linebacker Mike Singletary. Marc Sparks says he would go on to win the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, first-team All-Pro, and NFL Alumni Linebacker of the Year. CrunchBase also reports that he also was the first rookie from the 49ers to make the Pro Bowl since Ronnie Lott in 1981.

Willis’ career was exceptional but, plagued by injuries. In 2010 he missed his first professional game due to a broken hand. He would return to play with a cast after undergoing surgery to repair the break. In 2013 he would miss two games with a groin injury. During the 2014 season, Willis found himself hampered by a toe injury. He underwent surgery in November 2014 for the toe injury and then shocked the football world by announcing his retirement on Monday morning.

Patriots Not Picking Up Vince Wilfork

Vince Wilfork has been an integral part of the New England Patriots defense since he was drafted in 2004. His tenure on the team, however, is about to come to an end.

Wilfork learned only on Tuesday night that the Patriots did not pick up his contract as an option for the 2015 season, meaning he will be a free agent once the free agency period starts. What’s interesting about this is that Wilfork has said that he was in a good place and still feels he has a good relationship with the organization.

Wilfork will turn 34 this year, and as any NFL player knows, production usually goes down as a result of age. Combined with coming off from a season-ending injury the previous year and being $8.9 million against the salary cap and Wilfork easily ends up being a cap casualty. In spite of this, he was extremely productive this past season, playing all sixteen games in the regular season and has been selected to five Pro Bowls in his whole career.

But even with his stats being among the best, there is the possibility that he may not get signed by another team and may end up retiring altogether. It may be a little early to be thinking about adding him to the Amen Clinics fantasy team. There’s also the Patriots having to figure out how to fill the nose tackle position that has been stout mainly because of Wilfork’s presence.

Colts And Dolphins After Suh

When Ndamukong Suh is going to hit the free agent market, the Colts and Dolphins are going to make runs at him. He should stay in Detroit so that he will have Nick Fairley on the other side of him, but he is going to be courted by two pretty good teams. He needs to consider what he can do, though, if he were to head to Indy stated Brad Reifler.

Peyton Manning is Back.

Last season we saw the Denver Broncos get crushed in the second round of the playoffs against the surging and young Indianapolis Colts. This marked the second season in a row that the Manning led Broncos suffered a horrific loss in the post season. Despite his record setting performances, Manning hasn’t been able to bring a ring to a city that is demanding so much. With a severe injury to his leg there was rumor that Manning would retire this offseason. As it turns out, that won’t be the case.

Peyton Manning will be returning to lead the Denver Broncos at least one more time. This will be the 18th season that Manning has played in and it is likely looking to be his last. Manning signed a reduced deal in order to come back to a Bronco team that needs to win a Super Bowl and soon before they bow to the rebuilding that SlideShare reports seem to suggest will inevitably be happening without Peyton there, Paul Mathieson envisions.

Manning won’t be starving on his new deal. He agreed to reduce his salary from $19 million to $15 million for the 2015 season. This will help Denver fill out the roster a little bit as they try to bring back some key players who are now running to free agency. Manning said that he has been ‘working hard’ and he is ‘excited to be back with the Denver Broncos’. We shall see how it plays out as the season approaches.

Medical Timeouts Are A Good Idea

The NFL is looking at adding medical timeouts to the number of timeouts that teams have. Adding timeouts that have a medical purpose is going to add to the strategy of the game, but it is also going to allow time for injured players to get help. The concept of a medical timeout actually has player safety in mind, and it also allows teams to have a little bit more room to work with their players.

The players that are injured are often ushered off the field because the team needs to keep working. TheRealDeal says that they have to sit on the sideline and let the game go on while the medical staff scrambles to figure out if the player is alright. This is a great way to protect players, but it also takes the pressure off the medical staff. The NFL needs to actually start thinking of how it can protect players, and this is one of the best ways to start. There are many teams who will relish these timeouts, and it might even prevent key players from missing key parts of the game. Luck may go down for some teams, but luck will also go up for others if they can get people back in the game.

Bucs About To Prove How Unwise They Are

It appears that Jameis Winston is meeting with the Glazers about being drafted first overall. This is a major issue for a team that does not have the best track record. They have won a Super Bowl entirely because of Jon Gruden, and it appears that he might go down in history as the most important person in franchise history. Meeting with Jameis Winston indicates a complete lack of wisdom.

They are not smart enough to see that his public facade is not going to help them get any better. In fact, it is very hard to imagine how this team could do anything other than simply trade the pick and try to find someone of higher character. Timber Creek Capital noted they will be able to get all kinds of draft picks that will change the way that they manage their franchise, and they will be able to improve their overall outlook because they will not have to deal with the drama that comes along with Winston said Marc Sparks. However, they are going to latch themselves to Winston and have to take on the media circus that comes along with him. These choices are going to make them a hard team to root for or respect going on into the future.

NFL Teams Announce Franchise Tag Players as Deadline Arrives

As Monday’s deadline arrived for NFL teams to choose which players to designate as “franchise tag” players, the Dallas Cowboys announced that wide receiver Dez Bryant would be selected as the teams franchise choice. The move ended longtime speculation regarding whether Bryant or running back Demarco Murray would be named. Designating a player with the franchise tag keeps them off the free agency market for the upcoming season and comes with minimum salary requirements deemed to be competitive with what other top players in the same positions around the league are making.

While Bryant’s athletic accomplishments on the field place him among the leagues elite wide receivers, the Dallas front office has longstanding concerns regarding his off the field conduct, which has included numerous encounters with law enforcement officers during his career with the Cowboys. Completely unprofessional behavior and definitely not the values that Brian Torchin seeks through Catalyst.
In other franchise designation news, the Detroit Lions declined to name standout defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh as their franchise player, leaving him open to free agency and offers from other NFL teams. The Lions may hope to negotiate a new contract for Suh without using the franchise tag.
The Denver Broncos also chose to select a wide receiver, naming Demaryius Thomas as their designated franchise tag player for the upcoming 2015 NFL season.